Marco Island Police Chief Al Schettino introduced the newest member of his patrol supervisory staff, Sgt. James Inlow, to 150 people at a Marco Police Foundation luncheon.

The chief pinned new collar brass onto the 22-year law enforcement veteran.

Inlow had previously served 20 years with the Greene County Sheriff's Office in Missouri and headed the K-9 division for that agency. Greene County has the dubious honor of being a hotbed for illegal narcotics, specifically for production of methamphetamines, according to Inlow.

He has three children. He and his wife, Kara, moved here two years ago, in part to escape the winters and continue his law enforcement career in what he describes as a "slower pace."

Attendees honored the Lacava family that owns the Marco Island Brewery for their part in helping sponsor a fundraiser for one of their own officer's wives battling breast cancer.

It raised close to $30,000 to defray mounting medical costs.

Identity theft

Collier County Sheriff Kevin Rambosk along with Carrie Kerskie, the newly named director of the Hodges Identity Theft Institute, spoke about the ever-increasing dangers of identity theft and the cost to individuals and businesses.

"While our overall crimes were dropping, identity theft has been on the rise," said Rambosk, who has been a victim himself when his personnel data was lost as his family was applying for his son's entry into an out of state college last year.

"You can imagine how embarrassed I was to be a victim of this when I thought I was doing everything correctly," he said.

His loss of personal information came about due to a "data breach" in the computer system of the institution they were applying to.

"We can do everything right, but can still be exposed due these data breaches," he said.

"This is a never-ending battle, protecting your identity and is here to stay," said Kerskie. "Over 600 million records have been exposed since 2005," said Kerskie.

She said the general public can have a role in helping to safeguard their identity by being pro-active and checking their personal information regularly.

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