The Marco Island Police Department is actively investigating a series of 11 burglaries that have occurred over the past six weeks, between Oct. 5 and Nov. 15, according to a memo from Police Chief Al Shettino to members of the Marco Island City Council.

The burglaries took place during daylight hours and nearly all involved forced entry of unoccupied homes through a standard or sliding glass door, the chief said.

The incidents were in the following areas:

100 block of South Beach Drive.

500 block of Nassau Road.

700 block of Planation Court.

800 block of Elm Court.

600 block of Bald Eagle Drive.

1200 block of Fruitland Ave.

1200 block of Apricot Ave.

1300 block of Jamaica Road.

1800 block of Granada Drive, (2).

1800 block of Dogwood Drive.

“The City Manager authorized Marco police to add a third detective (Joe Mack) to assist in investigating these cases,” said Shettino. “The manager also supported my decision to increase routine community service activities to generate additional police presence and increased patrols (both uniform and plainclothes) in the affected areas.”

Shettino also said Marco police “developed evidence in the form of fingerprints, as well as electronic signals associated with handheld electronic devices. This evidence has led us to continue the investigations in the Naples Manor section of Naples and College Park area of Fort Myers.”

In a memo, Shettino said as a result of these efforts, several leads on suspects have been developed.

“We continue to investigate these adult and juvenile suspects while we probe the possibility of additional suspects,” said Shettino. “Additionally, the department has been in constant contact with our allied law enforcement agencies and will continue to utilize state and federal criminal justice databases in a coordinated effort to identify those responsible for these incidents.”

Crime-fighting tips

Police Chief Al Shettino offered the following practical tips to guard against additional burglaries:

Make the home look occupied! TVs, radios, lights, dogs, and vehicles all present the image that someone is home.

Don’t signal that the home is vacant. An overgrown lawn, newspapers or mail stacked up tell would be burglars the home is unattended.

Make sure entry points are not hidden from view. Doors or windows hidden by trees or hedges offer a hiding spot for bad guys.

Consider an alarm system and post alarm stickers or signs to warn to burglars. If you have an alarm please use it.

Don’t showcase your valuables. Large TVs visible from the street or the box in came in at the curb are negative advertisements.

Vary your routine, leave lights on in different areas, park your car outside from time to time, etc.

Check your locks on doors and windows and replace them with secure devices as necessary.

Don’t hide keys, intruders often look for them.

Don’t leave notes on your door such as “gone shopping.”

Don’t tempt a thief – lawn mowers, barbecues and bikes are best stored and secured out of sight.

Pin windows or sliding glass doors.

Be a good neighbor; watch out for your neighbor’s property while they are away.

The most important thing you can do is call the police (911 or 389-5050) to report a crime or any suspicious activity.

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