’Twas the weeks before Christmas on the Isles of Capri

Ann Hall

Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the Isles,

One of the animated golf carts that joined the Annual Christmas Golf Cart Parade in 2014.

Capriers were all stirring, and decorating with smiles;

The holiday events they prepared with such care,

Team Spriggy, Captain Steve Sprigg won the Dynamic Design Award in the Isles of Capri 2015 annual Christmas Boat Parade.

Left laughter and joy and a wanting to share;

The residents all huddled in their homes one chilly night,

To fellowship and dine on tasty delights;

They opened their doors and ventured out with their chairs,

In hopes that the Boat Parade would soon be theirs;

When out on the isles there rose such a clatter,

They sprang from their chairs to see what was the matter.

Away to the water’s edge they flew like a flash,

As if they were running a 50-yard dash.

The parade of creative boats coordinated to pass through the bays,

Left visions of excitement to feast on for days;

There were seahorses and flamingo, towers and sleighs,

What folks came up with kept all amazed;

Before their voyage, Captains and crews,

Were filled with homemade pizza and lots of good news;

The pre-parade feast left them feeling all misty,

When they learned it was compliments of Uncle Mickey;

The Kochis, Mike and Tina were certainly unafraid,

And opened their home for an all-island party after the parade;

The people they did gather with covered dishes in hand,

And soon it was clear that Santa would arrive on this island fairy land;

Members of Capri Christian Church gathered in their sanctuary here,

Singing, eating, and celebrating the birth of their Lord with friends near and dear;

They hosted the Taste of Christmas with the help of neighboring restaurants,

And kept the spirit of Christmas alive with concerts and refreshments;

The moon on the breast of the neighborhood Center,

Gave a luster of mid-day to the Christmas partiers who entered;

When what to a wondering eye should appear,

But old friends and new gathering near;

While guests dined on delicacies of roast turkey and ham dinners,

Captains Otis and Nancy announced the Christmas Boat Parade winners;

Always a secret waiting to be shared,

“In the spirit of Christmas, all Captains and paparazzi are winners,” Nancy declared.

President Randy Whitson will have a tough time this year,

Sending Capri Christian youth judges out to choose the winners of cheer;

Houses that adorn the most decorative lights,

Will be awarded plaques posted in their yards at night;

If that isn’t enough, the Golf Carts will soon fly,

When Nancy Anderson leads the Christmas Eve parade of lit carts passing by;

They will sing and shout without any fear,

Wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As dry leaves before the hurricanes fly,

When they meet with an obstacle shot from the sky.

Capri’s bocce league players are rounding up teams,

In hopes of becoming winners it seems.

Now Dolphins, Snooks, Cougers, Panthers, Stingrays, Snappers, Frigates and Sharks,

On, Hurricanes, Breezes, Coyotes, Phantoms, Pelicans, Beach Bums, Sailfish & MisFitz;

To the top of the court! To the middle of Capri Park!

Now roll away! Roll away! Roll away until dark!

With a small list of members, the board held in its hands,

Treasurer Joel Fitzjarrald shouted, we must take a stand!

Dues are so small and they go a long way,

Please take a few minutes to fill up our sleigh.

And then in a twinkling, it was heard through the hall,

President Randy Whitson pleaded for donations to keep our trees tall.

Donations of commemorative pavers show that you care,

And give Capriers a chance to share.

He sprang to his car, and to his friends gave a whistle,

And away they all flew like the tail on a missile.

But I hear them exclaim, ‘ere they drove out of sight.

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”

Of course you recognize the similarity between the famous Twas the night before Christmas Poem written by Clement Clarke Morre (1779 – 1863). It is, of course, now the tradition in many American families to read this poem every Christmas Eve. The author was believed to be a good friend to all. We like to think of those who live on the Isles of Capri in the same way.

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Capri Boat Parade winners

Award      Boat      Captain

Dynamic Design, Spriggy, Steve Sprigg

Tannenbaum, Miss Avellino, Jack Avedisian

Flocking Flamingos, Pago Pirates, Mike Cox “Hook”

Luminosity, Fishn-Mishn, Scott Hurley

Spectacular Seahorse, Beau Middlebrook, Beau Middlebrook

Simplicity, Norm Buckman, Norm Buckman

Raging Retro, Red Out, Stephen Cooper

Humanitarian, I Love Capri, Brian Sweeney

Sweetness, Sea Dancer, Vincent Delongis

Santa’s Elves, Sea Tow, Dan Josh Eiler

Guardian Angel, Capri Fire and Rescue, Tim Garner

Flying Dough, Uncle Micky,’ Market Mike, Theresa, Annie Castellano