It may be almost three weeks since Christmas, but on the Isles of Capri, some are reluctant to put away their fond memories of the pageantry festivities just yet.

In fact, remnants of the annual Christmas Boat Parade are still hanging around, home and condo lighting awards were announced, and even a few have not undecorated their golf carts that were part of the parade on Christmas Eve.

“The results are in! The Capri Christian Church youth group did a wonderful job of judging our Christmas lights contest,” wrote Randy Whitson, president of Capri Community Inc., sponsor of the contest, to the Coconuttele, Capri’s informal email communication network. The results are as follows:

* 1st Place - 430 San Juan Ave. – Ben and April Jones;

* 2nd Place -101 Jamaica Drive – Matt Crowder and Kathy Kurtz;

* 3rd Place - 110 Tahiti Circle – Mike and Tina Kochis.

“A huge thank you goes out to Tim Gardiner, youth Pastor at Capri Christian Church, and all the youth that participated in the judging. Also, thanks to Kathy Kurtz for all the nice photos of the lights, and to all those that decorated their houses and yards – thank you! You each helped make the Isles of Capri a festive and wonderful place to spend the holidays!” wrote Whitson.

On the heels of this tribute, the Coconuttele received another note of gratitude and praise.

“We would like to give our sincerest thanks to all of the participants and spectators for the Eighth annual Isles of Capri Christmas Golf Cart Parade,” wrote Nancy Anderson, co-chair with Otis Tavlin.

“This year we had a new record of 27 golf carts and vehicles, including Mike Cooper’s swamp buggy and a Santa on a Segway, easily beating last year’s record of 17 carts,” wrote Anderson.

“The crowds were also noticeably larger this year, and their cheers along the parade route certainly gave the event that home-town parade feel,” Anderson said. “This has really become an established Capri Christmas Eve tradition, and we’re so happy that more and more of our friends and neighbors have joined in the fun. The non-judged whimsical nature has insured that everyone has a lovely and carefree Christmas Eve. Thanks again, and we’re looking forward to making next year’s parade even better!

“Happy New Year to all, and to all a great 2016!” wrote Anderson and Tavlin.

Some of the decorations from Christmas pasts have shown up as semi-permanent structures in the yards of homes and businesses on the Isles. One such memorabilia is the beautiful butterfly that once rode high above a pontoon boat named Kris Kringles in the 2014 annual Christmas Boat Parade. It now is lit nightly in front of the Zagat Award-winning restaurant, The Blue Heron.

In front of Capri Realty, 365 Capri Blvd., the Eiffel Tower, used as a symbol of peace on earth and goodwill to all from the parade, is now located in left corner of the parking lot.

“This is the best little community,” said Chuck Jennings, a resident of La Peninsula Condominiums on the Isles as he passed by me on the islands’ walking trail. “People really seem to care about one another,” Jennings said.

This sums up the Christmas spirit that lingers in the hearts and minds of those who enjoy life on Capri.

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