The two visitors were talking about Sunday on the Isles of Capri.

“This is my first time visiting here,” said Wisconsin visitor Jeanne Morale as she downed a free hotdog and soda provided to all participants after each service held on Ballpark Weekend at Capri Christian Church.

“This is such a friendly church,” said her friend, Georgie Turk, also a first-time visitor from Pennsylvania. “It looks like everyone here has so much fun.”

For many years, pastor Curt Ayers has encouraged members and guests to wear a hat our shirt that would indicate their favorite team in Major League Baseball when they attend any of the four services offered on the weekend before spring training begins.

This year was no exception!

Even members of the praise team (choir) were dressed in team shirts, socks (in some cases) and hats.

The turnout hit a home run, and the enthusiasm was electric. A video of baseball footage was played at the closing of each service and as teams were announced in the video, those in the audience stood up, clapped, cheered and found it hard to contain themselves as they showed support for their favorite teams.

Hot dogs

Following the services, members and guests were offered one (or more) hotdogs and a soft drink of their choice as they left the building. Those who accepted the offer of a dog and drink were equally as enthusiastic about “not having to cook lunch today,” as some hungry and excited guests were heard saying to their friends.

For those who are not baseball fans, it might be helpful to have this information about Annual Spring Training.

Major League Baseball spring training is a series of practices and exhibition games held before the start of the regular season.

Spring training has always attracted fan attention and draws crowds who like to watch pre-season practice in warmer climates. There are 30 teams participating in spring training in the MBL. These are divided into two leagues, the Cactus and the Grapefruit Leagues. Arizona hosts the Cactus Division and Florida the Grapefruit Division.

Spring training typically starts in mid- February and continues until just before Opening Day of the regular season , usually the first week of April.

Some of the funniest incidents that have come about during Capri’s annual ballpark weekend have been that some sport’s enthusiasts have unknowingly worn a football or basketball jersey or hat to the event.

Ayers has made humorous comments to them letting them know that baseball is indeed another sport. Maybe, this will give birth to additional events such as football and basketball weekends? One thing for sure, people who attend Capri Church love their sports teams!

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