Marco police seek to ID man suspected of passing bogus $100 bills

Steve Stefanides

Marco Island Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying a man they say is suspected of passing bogus $100 bills in four salons and one ice cream shop.

Marco Island Police say they would like to question this man in connection with bogus $100 bills passed at four Marco salons and an ice cream shop.

Police said the same man used counterfeit $100 bills in the Salon and Spa Botanica, Rick’s Island Salon and Day Spa, Sasha’s Salon, Jump Hair and Nails, and Dolce Mare-Chocolate and Confection Shop at the Marco Walk.

Investigator Joe Mack of the Marco police described the person of interest as a clean cut, middle-aged male of possible Hispanic background who was well dressed with nicely pressed dressed pants and a shirt not tucked in.

“The subject came into all the establishments and purchased some small items and paid with the bogus bills,” said Mack. “The hologram of Franklin’s face is missing amongst a number of other items which should cause someone to be suspicious, however he was very well spoken and engaged with the clerks in casual conversation.

“We estimate he spent about an hour to hit all five establishments,” said Mack.

Marco Police asked anyone who might know the identify of the man to call detective Mack at 239-389-5050 with information.

Police released video surveillance of the man and downloaded a grainy still photo to assist in the investigation.

The Marco department immediately contacted the Treasury Department and conferred with members of the Secret Service in Miami to discuss the incident and a packet of information and the bogus bills will be eventually turned over to them, police said.

“We also contacted the city of Naples and Collier County to advise them of the event here on Marco,” said Capt. Nick Ojanovac. “It is vital that all agencies work together and share the intelligence we have. The same applies to our citizens or our businesses; if you suspect something might not be right please call us. We are there 24/7 to serve our residents and want to hear from them.”

One woman said she will take action.

“After Marco P.D. stopped here my first stop was to the local office supply store to purchase one of the counterfeit marker pens. From now on, I’ll be checking each large bill we get,” said Barbra Dasti, of the Salon and Spa Botanica.

Contact Marco Police

Call detective Joe Mack at 239-389-5050 with information.