Planning Board eyes land development code revisions

Steve Stefanides

The city of Marco Island Planning Board embarked on mission to work with Richard Cannone of Calvin, Giordano and Associates, the consultant hired to update the Marco Island Land Development Code.

The original code was adopted from Collier County and only minor revisions have been made since its adoption.

The city’s comprehensive plan, which lays out the vision for the community, was last updated in 2009 and the board is taking care to ensure that any amendments to the land development code be in compliance with the comp plan and vision.

“I want to make sure that we don’t do anything to increase the density at all on the island as part of this project and maintain the integrity of our current zoning and the uses allowed within the zoning,” said board member Bill Trotter.

Board member Frank Mulligan stressed that the city has to be conscious of managing growth and aware of the stress that growth off the island will place on the island’s infrastructure.

Mulligan proposed that electronic signs might be erected just off the island to advise visitors whether or not the county beach-access points and parking are available.

The signs would be similar those placed in other locations throughout the county to avoid parking and congestion issues.


Cannone confirmed that his company was well aware of the desire to lessen the impact that off-island growth can inflict on Marco.

“I think we all share the same concerns and I believe everyone I’ve spoken to shares that commitment to protect what you have,” said Cannone.

Some of the goals of the updated code include:

•Amendments consistent with the comp plan along with current regulatory standards and Florida statues;

• Resolution of any inconsistencies or conflicts within the present code;

• Maximize the ease of use for staff, contractors, developers and the general public;

In addition, the consultant will also look at implementing some of the changes mandated by recent state legislation for development and redevelopment of flood-management strategies.

The Planning Board will be engaged in open public meetings with the consulting firm. The consultant is reviewing times for the meetings to be more inclusive and “time-friendly” for the general public to ensure better input.

More information

Check the city website at for the calendar of upcoming meetings and a link to a website that will have documents and information on the progress of the work underway.