‘Mad’ for Mother’s Day: Tea party guests taken to a whimsical wonderland

Jodi Pree
Mom and daughter duo, Elisa and Lilah Barhoum make silly faces during the Mad Hatter Tea Party, Saturday, May 13, 2017 at Family Church, Marco Island.

On Saturday, the Parks and Rec Department adjacent to Family Church was turned into a whimsical wonderland for the annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

Generations of ladies celebrated Mother’s Day with a morning full of fun activities which brought out the little girl in everyone. From 10 until 11:30 guests were kept busy with arts and crafts projects which included: icing a cookie, making a necklace, decorating a jewelry box and decorating a flower pots, then potting a plant (as a special gift for mom).

“Every girl needs a piece of jewelry to go in a jewelry box,” explained the Mad Hatter, Lola Dial, with a twinkle in her eye. “We added some new crafts this year, because there are just so many things a girl needs.”

At 11:30, a colorful sea of curious place settings, Alice in Wonderland themed posters, and a seemingly endless buffet of treats greeted guests as they entered the whimsical wonderland for tea.

“My daughter and I love going to tea rooms and tea parties. We make frequent visits to Brambles English Tea Room. This is something we really enjoy doing. It’s ‘our’ thing,” explained Susanna Tocco, of Naples. “We were thrilled when we saw this advertised in the Neapolitan magazine.”

Following the tea, the party was complete with making a Kool-Aid lip gloss. It was a magical event that celebrated all the joys of being feminine and bonded the moms and daughters.