Photo essay: In search of hills; the Sunday Riders

Jodi Pree

On any given Sunday morning, parts of Marco Island look more like a French countryside during Tour de France. Marco cycling enthusiasts of varying abilities along with area triathletes and Iron Man competitors can be seen riding through our streets. The cyclists all have one thing in common. They are in search of hills.

“Marco Island offers hills that are perfect for our training purposes. Marco is also the safest place for us to ride,” explains ‘Iron Man’ Glen Guadi.

These dedicated riders loop through Indian Hills(in the Estates section), then head towards Goodland, stopping at Key Marco first to tackle the winding hills, and if their legs aren’t already spent; they tackle the Goodland Bridge a couple times, for good measure.

“After getting our miles in (about 28 or so), we all head back to town for breakfast,” said Coleen Walsh of the Naples Area Triathletes.