With a new year, some folks look toward a fresh start for 2018, while others still have grown cynical over time and have lost the will to resolve to change or set any specific goals.

So we asked people on Marco Island: “What’s your wish for 2018? Do you have a New Year’s resolution?”

“Would like to spend more time in Florida. Hoping Congress passes the retiree Visa, so retired Canadians can stay 8 months instead of 6.”

- Mo and Deb Johnson

“Our goal is to be healthy enough to keep playing tennis.”

- Al and Rene Lenz

“Prioritize more time for family and swimming, eat healthier and spend more time enjoying life.”

- Sheldon Olson

“My goal for 2018 is to medal in my wheelchair in the 2018 US Pickleball Open Championships.”

- Michael O’Leary

“In 2018, I will experiment with other mediums and try my hand at abstract art.”

- Cindy O’Leary

“Explore Florida beyond Marco and Naples … eat more chocolate.”

- Patricia Bungert

“That analog devices (ADI) doubles in price to $165 in 2018.”

- John Valenti

“Stay healthy, eat healthy, keep playing tennis, and working everyday in beautiful, sunny Florida.”

- Lee Ross (age 81)

“Release a new album, continue touring with SOWFLO, and do more international touring.”

- Christian Yacono

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