Marco Island police arrest Hollywood woman on multiple drug charges

Devan Patel
Marco Eagle
Elize Mizrachi was arrested by Marco Island police early Saturday morning on multiple drug charges.

Marco Island police arrested a Hollywood woman early Saturday morning on multiple felony drug charges after initially flagging her vehicle due to expired registration tags. 

Elise Mizrachi, 35, faces two counts of possession of a controlled substance, both felonies, and a misdemeanor charge of use, possession, manufacturing, delivering, transporting or advertising drug paraphernalia. 

During a search of Mizrachi's vehicle, police found a yellow plastic bag containing a brown powdery substance, which a field test later confirmed as heroin, according to the booking sheet.

Police also found three pills that poison control identified as Xanax as well as two short straws that were packaged with the drugs.

Officer John Derrig wrote in the police report that he was on patrol on the 1200 block of North Collier Boulevard when he noticed the registration tag on Mizrachi's vehicle had expired the previous day.

Derrig initiated a traffic stop after a registration check revealed that Mizrachi's license was also suspended.

With a tow truck called to remove the vehicle, police began to inventory items after Mizrachi declined to remove anything from her car and found the drugs in a black backpack on the passenger seat.

Mizrachi was transported to Naples Jail Center, where she is currently in custody.

Bond was set at $25,000. Her next court appearance is scheduled for Aug. 8.

The drug charges from Saturday's arrest are not the only ones Mizrachi is facing in Florida.

The Plantation Police Department arrested Mizrachi in 2016 on multiple felony drug charges including but not limited to trafficking heroin, possession of cocaine and possession of a controlled substance.

While investigating a violent domestic incident, police found five baggies of tar heroin, two baggies of cocaine, three 40 mg Opana pills in Mizrachi's wallet and four pills of Alprazolam and 17 baggies of heroin in a headphone case.

Mizrachi also faced charges of possession of cocaine on three different occasions in the last year in Miami-Dade County but those charges were not prosecuted.