3 To Know: Naples losing Sears; dead manatee near Marco

Marco Eagle

1. Another 46 Sears or Kmart stores closing, including Naples

Sears Holdings is closing 46 more Sears or Kmart stores as the struggling retailer seeks stability amid questions about its future.

The department store chain also said it will "continue to evaluate our network of stores" and "make further adjustments as needed," raising the distinct possibility of additional closures are the company continues reeling.

The exterior of a Sears store.

The latest plan involves closing 13 Kmart locations and 33 Sears stores in November, all of which are losing money. The company has closed several hundred locations in recent years.

Going-out-of-business sales will begin as soon as Aug. 30.

Closing in Florida are Naples, Coastland Center, 2000 9th Street N.; Tampa, 2266 University Square Mall and Doral/Miami, 1625 NW 107th Avenue.

2. Charter school amendment tossed out

A Florida judge on Monday threw off the November ballot a proposed constitutional amendment that included a provision to make it easier to set up charter schools in the state.

Collier County School Board member Erika Donalds sponsored the provision and the amendment in its entirety as a member of the Constitution Revision Commission.

Circuit Judge John Cooper ruled that the amendment does not tell voters what it really does. Cooper pointed out that the amendment does not even include the words “charter schools” in its wording.

Cooper in his ruling stated that the “failure to use the term voters would understand” means that voters are not told the “chief purpose and effect of this proposal.”

Amendment 8 combines several ideas into one amendment, including instituting term limits for school board members. If passed by 60 percent of voters, the amendment would also have allowed charter schools to set up around the state without approval by local school boards.

3. Dead manatee found near Marco 

A dead manatee turned up near Marco Island on Tuesday at the Collier Boulevard boat ramp.

FWC said researchers picked up the carcass and took it to the east coast to perform the necropsy.

FWC said the manatee was an adult male.

So far this year, 540 manatee deaths have been reported in Florida, compared to 538 for 2017.

An example of a manatee’s tail.

Red tide has been confirmed or suspected as the cause of death of 57 manatees in Lee and 11 in Collier. Tissue samples are still being tested.

Experts say it’s likely that 2018 will rival 2013, when 723 manatees died.

“For many years the leading causes of manatee deaths was collisions with boats,” Ruch said. This year 79 manatees have died due to boat injuries.

There are approximately 6,000 manatees in the waters off Florida, so losing 10 percent of the population is alarming.

If you see a sick or injured manatee, call them at their hotline 1-888-404-3922.