Woman that accused Marco police of sexual assault has history of making wild statements

Devan Patel
Marco Eagle
Police sirens.

A woman who made startling accusations of sexual assault against the Marco Island Police Department last month has a history of making false statements to authorities and accusing the agency of nefarious behavior.

During the Oct. 4 City Council meeting, Marco Island resident Gigi Davis accused multiple police officers of sexually assaulting her and her granddaughter along with aiding and abetting in the kidnapping of her two grandchildren after police were called to conduct a welfare check.

"Recently, they aided and abetted in the (kidnapping) of my grandchildren but not before they sexually assaulted myself and my 15-year-old granddaughter, who they made stand by them," Davis said while also mentioning she had security cameras in her home.

After those allegations were made, Capt. Dave Baer said the department contacted the Collier County Sheriff's Office to investigate. 

"To remove any suggestion regarding a conflict of interest, and to provide transparency - more than a week ago the Marco Island Police Department requested an outside law enforcement agency (Collier County Sheriff's Office)investigate the allegations," Baer wrote in an email.  "I am of the understanding their investigation is ongoing thus no further comments can be made."

Two years prior to making the allegations, Davis sent a letter to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Collier County Sheriff’s Office, the State Attorney’s Office and U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson asking for their help in arresting her former partner for attempted murder.

A police report stated that the packet received by the State Attorney’s Office included approximately 30 minutes of video in which Davis “appears to be under the influence of a substance” and the man trying to convince her to go to the hospital. The videos also appeared on YouTube as “Marco Murder Intro,” “Marco Murder 1” and “Marco Murder 2.”

Included in the packet was also a 20-page letter from Davis that contained “bizarre ramblings” about extortion, physical assault, cheating and attempted murder by poison through an unknown medication.

Several Department of Children and Families referral reports also indicated that Davis was accused of not taking care of her grandchildren and was previously stripped of custody.

When Marco police contacted Davis in 2016 about her allegations, Davis accused the police of allowing her former partner to escape to Pennsylvania to avoid murder charges.

While attempting to argue with the police over why it should charge her ex-partner, Davis reportedly said, “People have been charged with attempted murder with less evidence.”

A Marco Island police report from the most recent incident indicated officers were dispatched to Davis's residence just after midnight on Sept. 13 in response to a custody exchange that was requested by an acquaintance of the granddaughter's father. A 911 call received by dispatch confirmed that the custody exchange was requested.

In the report, the granddaughter's father told police that he had received text messages from his daughter that she wanted him to pick her up because of no running water, limited food and extreme heat.

Officers estimated the temperature to be around 95 degrees when they entered and also wrote in the police report that cockroaches "scurried into the open crevices of the cabinets and countertop" when a flashlight was shined.

While the children's rooms were noted as "relatively clean," officers reported that the other parts of the home were filled with garbage and clutter. Photos of the conditions were attached to the police report.

The father of Davis's granddaughter stated that he was unaware the children were living with their grandmother after a caretaker informed Davis that she could no longer watch the children. The other child was not related to him.

Officers discovered that the father and Davis's granddaughter had been estranged for most of her life and that there was no order of custody for either the father or Davis. Davis told the officers that an emergency hearing had been set for placement of the children.

As officers were in her home, Davis called 911 to request a Collier County Sheriff's deputy to protest their presence in her home. A computer-assisted dispatch report for the call noted that Davis felt "bullied" by the police.

"They're here unlawfully," Davis said on the 911 call. "I've asked them to leave but they won't leave. They don't have any legal right to be in my house and now they're walking around taking pictures."

During the 911 call, Davis did not mention any sexual assault had taken place.

After the arrival of the sheriff's deputies, officers determined there was no imminent danger to the children and allowed the children to remain until a decision had been made by the court or the Department of Children and Families had finished its investigation. The children were later taken from Davis's custody.

Despite the fact Davis made her allegations in a public setting on Oct. 4, she did not file an official officer complaint with the Marco Island Police Department until last week.