A teen arrested two weeks ago by the Marco Island Police Department (MIPD) is a gang "associate," according to a police report.

The MIPD arrested Cameron J. Foss on July 17, finding $3,390 in cash and 462.1 grams of suspected marijuana inside the car where he was found unconscious, according to the arrest report. The police also found drug paraphernalia inside the car and an additional $317 on his person. 

Foss has since been charged with multiple felony drug offenses, including possession of a controlled substance.

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A Collier County Sheriff's Office (CCSO) street gang detective identified Foss as a gang "associate," according to the MIPD arrest report. "Prior to being transported to the Jail, CCSO Street Gang Detective Corporal Scaduto responded to the scene," the report read. "CCSO Detective Corporal Scaduto advised Foss is an "associate" of the "To The Money" criminal street gang."

The registered owner of the vehicle where Foss was found is also documented as a "To The Money" criminal street gang member, according to the report, citing Scaduto.

A CCSO media representative confirmed Scaduto made these statements but declined to offer more details about the gang and Foss' supposed role in it. "This information is investigative and as such is exempt from release under FS 119.071 subsection 2 subsection C," the CCSO media representative said in an email. MIPD also declined to comment.

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