More kids register at Mackle and Stellar camps but City earns less money

File: Cambri Mushrush gets a little outdoor exercise during a Camp Mackle session.

More kids registered at Mackle and Stellar camps this year compared to 2018 but the city earned less money, according to information provided by the city of Marco Island.

Parks and Recreation reported parents registered 267 kids in Mackle and Stellar camps this year, 45 more than in 2018. Despite the high registration numbers only an average of 74 campers attended daily. The operation of these summer camps cost the city $47,000 while earning $63,477 for a net income of $16,477, according to Samantha Malloy, manager of Parks, Culture & Recreation.

In 2018, parents registered 222, resulting in an average of 76 campers per day. The operation in 2018 cost the city $48,000 while earning $69,738 for a net income of  $21,738. The information provided by the city suggests 2019's net income is over $5,000 less than in 2018.

Other summer programs in Marco Island, like the one at Tommie Barfield Elementary, may be the reason behind the lower daily turnout resulting in the city earning less money, according to Mallow.

"Some children register for multiple camps and attend based on what is scheduled at what camp," Mallow wrote in an email to  the Eagle.  "We find that attendance is larger on certain field trip days."

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Community Affairs Department report to Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee - Aug 2019 by Omar Rodriguez Ortiz on Scribd