Marco Island PD tells residents to prepare for Hurricane Dorian

Marco Island Police Department (MIPD) urged residents to enact their personal, family and business plans for Hurricane Dorian, according to a press release sent Friday.

"The city is actively preparing for Hurricane Dorian," Captain David Baer of MIPD wrote. "We are working with our local, county and state partners to ensure safety in the upcoming storm."

As of 8 a.m. there are no weather watches or warnings issued for Marco Island nor any evacuation orders issued, according to Baer. "If a watch, warning or order is issued please heed it," Baer wrote.

Probable path of Hurricane Dorian as of 8 a.m. of Aug. 30, 2019

There will not be any evacuation shelters on Marco Island, according to Baer. "If you desire to evacuate, given the size of the storm and potential unknown path, we recommend doing so as soon as practical as roadways will become congested, fuel will be in short supply and hotels will fill quickly," Baer wrote. "No county (off-island) shelters have been established at this time."

Collier County Emergency Management in collaboration with the State of Florida maintains a special needs registry for certain types of patients, according to Baer. "In the event of a hurricane, Collier County along with the Collier County Health Department will strive to provide special medical sheltering and/or transportation to a special needs shelter," Baer wrote. "If you prefer to submit your registration on-line, please visit and select “Collier County” in the drop down menu along with your preferred language to begin." 

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"When evacuating please remember to take important documents, prescription medicine, and other important supplies," Baer wrote.

No re-entry stickers are required for residents or visitors when coming back to Marco Island, according to Baer. "Carry an ID, tax bill, vehicle registration or other documents that links you to the island," Baer wrote. "Businesses should create letters listing employees & employees should carry an ID."

City water and sewer services should be available throughout but the facilities are exposed to weather and could be damaged, according to Baer. "Some lines could be closed if damaged or to prevent damage," Baer wrote. "You should be prepared for potential power outages as a result of this storm."

Bridges will not be closed unless they incur structural damage and no sandbags are being issued by the city at this time.

City of Marco Island telephone numbers

  • EMERGENCY: 911
  • City storm information: 239-389-5000
  • Police: 239-389-5050
  • Fire/ Rescue: 239-389-5040
  • Water & Sewer Department: 239-389-3880
  • Public Works: 239-389-3932
  • Parks & Recreation: 239-642-0575

Stay informed

City of Marco Island low power AM radio station 1690 AM will be used as Dorian approaches, according to the press release. The low range radio station is only available for people in Marco Island.

County, state and other resources