Frazzano sworn in as Marco Island police chief

Tracy L. Frazzano was sworn in Tuesday as Marco Island's first female police chief.

Frazzano said she was honored and thanked city officials and others for their support. "Thank you city manager McNees, former city manager Harden and the Florida Police Chief's Association for the opportunity to lead the Marco Island Police Department," Frazzano said. "This outpouring support is appreciated and it is a strong indication of our commitment to work together. To chairperson Brechnitz, and the City Council, I look forward to working with you in addressing the concerns of the citizens of Marco Island. I want to make sure that together we keep the status of paradise." 

Marco Island City Council chairperson Erik Brechnitz praised Frazzano's track record. "If I had to list all Tracy Frazzano's accomplishments we would have to extend the meeting to 10 o'clock," Brechnitz said. "On a very short time she went from patrol man to deputy chief in an unprecedented advancement.

"We are absolutely thankful to have you here as the new police chief," said Brechnitz, followed by a standing ovation from those in attendance. 

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"I know she is going to do a great job," Marco resident Bernie Greichen said. "Al (Schettino) was a great chief but she will be fabulous," Greichen said. "It's a good change."

"I think she can be just as effective or even more as a woman to identify some of the shenanigans that have been happening in the police department," Marco resident Teri Sommerfeld said. 

Tracy L. Frazzano made history within the Montclair Police Department (MPD) in New Jersey as its first female detective, sergeant, lieutenant, captain and deputy chief. 

Coming from a family of public servants, Frazzano started as an MPD police officer in 1995. Three years later, she became the first female detective of MPD, directing and coordinating the investigation of juvenile-related criminal incidents.

Frazzano later earned her way tosergeant in 2003 and a lieutenant in 2009. As a lieutenant, she provided command and scheduling for day-to-day operations of different tours and supervised incident and disaster responses, including communications for Hurricane Sandy, according to her resume.

In 2015, she was promoted to captain in the MPD, where she coordinated and supplied department-wide training and equipment in tactical emergency casualty care and equipped every officer with law enforcement survival kits.

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After just one year, Frazzano was promoted to deputy chief, a position she held since February 2016. During the last three years, she led MPD’s transition for an accreditation program, which improved the department’s overall performance, according to her resume.

As deputy chief, Frazzano also managed the department's $4 million budget, including planning, forecasting and procurement of services.

She oversaw 112 sworn officers and 16 civilian dispatchers in a community of 40,000 residents.

Frazzano has a master of arts degree in human resources training and development from Seton Hall University and another one in homeland security and defense from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California.

Frazzano is also an FBI National Academy distinguished graduate and a Department of Homeland Security fellow, focusing in counter-terrorism and security preparedness. She is also a member of the Fraternal Order of Police and the Police Benevolent Association.

Frazzano replaced former chief Al Schettino after he was forced to retire earlier this year following multiple issues, including officers having sex on duty and continuing to employ a “Brady cop” on patrol, despite the state attorney’s office’s position that the officer would not ever be called as a witness in a criminal trial due to credibility concerns.

Additional reporting by Devan Patel.

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