3 To Know: City Council meets; Trump comes home

Marco Eagle

1. Trump hosts 'homecoming rally' in Florida

President Donald Trump was welcomed by supporters Tuesday to his new home state of Florida, where he held his first campaign rally since changing his address from New York to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach. 

President Trump arrives on Air Force One greeted by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at Palm Beach International Airport in West Palm Beach, Fla on Nov. 26, 2019.

"Less than one year from now, I will join voters across the Sunshine State - my home -  as we head to the polls and together we will win back the House, we will hold the Senate and we will keep that beautiful, beautiful White House," he told the crowd in Sunrise, about 50 miles southwest of Palm Beach.

Trump spoke for nearly 90 minutes before traveling to his Mar-a-Lago club for Thanksgiving as House Democrats moved forward with the next phase of the formal impeachment inquiry into whether he abused power by pressuring Ukraine to open investigations into his political rivals. The House Intelligence Committee announced it was drafting a report on its inquiry while the House Judiciary Committee said it would begin hearings on Dec. 4. 

2. City Council meets Monday

Marco Island City Council will vote Monday on the staff-selected proposal to identify the source of nutrients affecting water canals.

Other items on the agenda are the burrowing owl incentive grant, the proposal by the Beach Advisory Committee to install creative art wraps on utility boxes and the proposed articles of incorporation to create Marco Island Community Parks Foundation.

3. Commissioner Fried reminds consumers: Stay alert to gas pump skimmers

As people travel this weekend, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is reminding consumers to stay alert to scams at the gas pump.

Skimmers are small electronic devices illegally placed inside gas pumps – each has the potential for $1 million in consumer fraud. Because these small devices are often undetectable, it’s crucial that the public is aware of how to reduce risk and protect themselves at the pump.

Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, and members of the Economic Crimes Unit put a sticker on the gas pumps at the Racetrack gas station at Metro and Six Mile Cypress. This is letting customers know the pumps are up to date on security and no skimmers have been found.

“During the busy holiday travel season, criminals will be working hard to scam you at the gas pump – it’s crucial that people are aware of exactly what to look out for, because each skimmer can defraud consumers up to a million dollars,” shared Commissioner Nikki Fried.

Take a close look at the pump: Avoid using pumps that are open or unlocked, have had the tamper-evident security tape cut or removed, or otherwise appear unusual. If anything seems cracked, loose, or tampered with, use a different pump. Some newer pumps may also have encrypted credit card readers — look for an illuminated green lock symbol near the credit card reader.

Pay with a credit card: If a credit card number is skimmed, you’re protected by the card issuer’s zero-liability policy — but a stolen debit card number could be far more damaging.

For more information visit FDACS.gov/skimmers