Marco buys 100 gopher tortoise signs to educate and warn the public

The City of Marco Island bought in January 2020 one hundred metal signs for $1,630 to educate and warn the public about gopher tortoises.

The city of Marco Island bought 100 metal signs to educate and warn the public about gopher tortoises, according to Captain Dave Baer with the Marco Island Police Department.

The $1,630 purchase does not include the costs of metal poles that will hold the signs nor the installation, Baer wrote in an email to the Eagle.

The signs will be installed next to burrows and in critical areas.

"It is illegal to take, harm, harass, or impact this animal, eggs, young, and/or burrow without a permit," the sign reads.

In Florida, both the gopher tortoise and its burrows are protected under state law, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's website.

The city has not ordered the poles yet, according to Timothy Pinter, Public Works director.

"We are waiting to see how the signs are configured, i.e. bolt holes, etc," Pinter wrote.

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