Senator Scott visits Everglades City

Senator Rick Scott, right, with Mayor Howie Grimm and Kathy Brock on Feb. 21 in new Everglades Area Visitor Center.

Senator Rick Scott took time out of his busy schedule to stop by the new Everglades Area Visitor Center while he was in Everglades City, on Friday, Feb. 21.

Senator Scott was in town to meet with City Mayor Howie Grimm to see how well the town has bounced back from the severe flooding from the storm surge brought in by Hurricane Irma in 2017.

A frequent visitor to this tiny town on the southern end of Collier County, Scott was impressed with the city’s revitalization that includes a new park playground, numerous new buildings, new businesses, and the Everglades Area Visitor Center.

“It’s imperative that we greet our guests with a welcoming smile and information about the area,” said Kathy Brock, one of the center’s founders. “Our area is so unique. We are a blast from Old Florida’s past.  Here you can still experience Southwest Florida. Whether you want to see the area by bike, on foot, by boat or kayak, we can help you find the perfect adventure. We are so pleased that Senator Scott took the time to come and see what we are doing here."

In addition to information about the area, the center also carries works by local artists for sale and displays their private art collection in an adjoining gallery. The Everglades Area Visitor Center is operated by the Everglades Society for Historic Preservation and is located at 207 W. Broadway in Everglades City, across from the historic Rod & Gun Club.  They are open daily from 9 to 4. 

For information, contact Kathy Brock at 239-232-0437.