Letters to the Editor, Nov. 24

Marco Eagle
Drew Litton

Marco should take coronavirus seriously

The Farmers Market is a potential COVID-19 virus superspreader

event with large numbers of people lingering in close proximity to each

other. Marco's population is in the high risk group for devastating

effects of the virus.

It is the mandate of government to shield citizens

from threats like this. The Marco City Council and its chairman Jarad

Grifoni have failed at this by their refusal to mandate the wearing of

masks on Marco Island.

There have been over 300 documented cases of COVID-19 on Marco and the

number is growing daily. This is despicable.

Lee Oldershaw, Marco Island

Senators, 'stand up for democracy' 

Having watched Florida Republican senators' total support of Trump and his denial of this election outcome is very unnerving. These so-called senators are letting this unhinged dictator lead this country into a civil war. They should stand up for democracy and support the outcome of this election.

These Republican senators are so power-hungry they will do anything to get the support of the Trump cult followers. One senator who publicly chastised a past opponent for being a sore loser and not conceding a past election is now supporting Trump in his election lawsuits.

Florida residents need to take a good look at what kind of politicians we have, who would support the end of our democracy to help a want-to-be dictator. We elect these men to protect and serve our democracy, not to support a dictator who wants to tear our country apart. Remember these men in our next election.

Mike Phillips, Naples

Development too fast in SW Florida?

Southwest Florida is expanding at an incredible rate. In just a short period of time, many new developments have sprung up along Corkscrew and Alico roads in Estero and South Fort Myers.

The non-monetary costs of residential and commercial development should be closely monitored. I live near areas of increasing development and think the roads were not designed for the increased capacity. The result is a decrease in the quality of life for residents along these corridors.

The wear and tear of use is occurring at a much faster rate, and Corkscrew is still a two-lane road. This is incredibly dangerous, considering the number of residents in this area and the hundreds of construction trucks using the infrastructure daily.

Panthers, alligators and bears can be seen in the communities around this area, and sightings seem to be increasing. Displacement of wildlife can result in increased exposure to humans and risks of getting hit in traffic. We must decide whether our continual development is more important than the natural environment. Water management also is a huge concern.

This situation does not have to be one side or the other. All I ask is that we plan the necessary steps to conserve wildlife and key resources before construction begins and the damage is irreversible.

Tenney Kapellusch, Estero

Rep. Rooney lauded

Kudos to (U.S. Rep.) Francis Rooney for standing up for truth and democracy and encouraging other Republicans to acknowledge Joe Biden's electoral win.

He is a patriot who obviously puts the welfare of this country before the antics of the Trump Republican Party. I wish other politicians could remember their principles and act as honorably.

Susan Sissman, East Naples