Planning for elections in 2022, Democrats set up 'Trump Legacy Project'

WASHINGTON – Outgoing President Donald Trump won't be on the ballot in the 2022 elections, but the Democratic National Committee is already planning to make him a major political issue during the early years of the Joe Biden administration.

The DNC is set to announce the creation Tuesday of a "Trump Legacy Project," a joint effort from the party's research and rapid response teams to provide information about Trump's presidency to candidates, political consultants, and journalists involved in the 2022 cycle of congressional and gubernatorial elections.

The project is also designed to emphasize the challenges Biden faces as he inherits problems from Trump, the DNC said.

"We will make sure that Trump is held responsible for his entire legacy of failure," said a DNC memo outlining the program announced Tuesday, a day before Biden takes office.

The "Trump Legacy Project" also plans to monitor Trump's political activities in the months ahead.

The goal, the memo said, is to link Republican candidates to Trump as they try to keep control of the House and Senate after the 2022 elections.

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The "Trump Legacy Project" also plans to gather information at the upcoming Senate impeachment trial of Trump.

The Democratic-led House impeached Trump over allegations he incited the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, an attempt to intimidate lawmakers into changing the results of the Electoral College – and one of the issues the Democrats plan to use against Republicans in future elections.

The memo announcing the project said it would start by emphasizing his record in four areas: Job losses, his handling of COVID-19, tax cuts that benefited the wealthy, and efforts to gut the health care law.

President Donald Trump on Jan. 12, 2021, in Washington, D.C.

Republicans, also gearing up for future races, have said they are happy to run on Trump's record of tax cuts, deregulation, and conservative judges, as well as on Biden's record.

At this month's meeting of the Republican National Committee, chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said, "We have a lot of hard work to do to take back the Senate and the House in 2022, but I am telling you right now it must happen and I am committed to getting it done."

Trump is also planning to be involved in the 2022 elections, including Republican primaries. He has vowed to support primary challengers to GOP lawmakers who opposed his bid to overturn the election, including the ten House Republicans who voted to impeach him.

Democrats unveiled their Trump project shortly ahead of their virtual winter meeting on Thursday.

DNC members are scheduled to ratify Biden's pick for new party chairman, Jamie Harrison of South Carolina, as well as other party officers.