3 To Know: Gator season, more

Marco Eagle

1. Golfer shoots video of large gator at Stoneybrook Golf Club in Estero

Lisa Reed hadn't really seen an alligator on a golf course. She got an up-close look on Saturday at Stoneybrook Golf Club.

Reed and her foursome were playing the Estero course and had hit their tee shots on No. 8 when Reed spotted something. And it was quite something — a large alligator crossing the fairway.

Lisa Reed took video of this large alligator crossing a fairway at Stoneybrook Golf Club in Estero on Saturday, April 16, 2022.

"I've always wanted to see a gator because I've never seen a gator on a golf course and there it was," Reed said Tuesday.

The alligator went right past the golf ball in the middle of the fairway and just kept going.

"So this is a first, my goodness," Reed said on the video. "OK, he's going for the ball, look it, look it! Oh my goodness."

"The guy I was playing with was like 'Let's go take a picture of it on the cart.' I'm like 'No, let's not,'" Reed said. "We just watched it cross the entire fairway.

"When we got on the green, it'd already disappeared. That thing is huge. It wasn't even paying attention. It was a just a straight beeline across the fairway." – Greg Hardwig/Staff

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2. Cape Coral woman remains in jail on $100,000 bond

A Cape Coral woman is facing aggravated assault charges, accused of shooting a person multiple times inside a Cape Coral home.

Allyssia Ann Lopez, 29, remains in Lee County Jail on $100,000 bond.

A Cape Coral police report said officers were called to a home in the 1000 block of SW 15th Street shortly after 5 p.m. Saturday for a reported disturbance.

Officers found a victim on the floor of the home with gunshot wounds to the neck, abdomen and upper groin areas. The victim told officers that Lopez was the shooter and had left the home with two children and a 9 mm handgun.

Lopez returned to the home and told officers the gun was inside the home. The weapon was later found in a master bedroom and bathroom area.

The victim was taken to a hospital as a trauma alert and underwent surgery. No further information was available.

The Florida Department of Children and Families arrived to care for the two children.

The Cape Coral police report said that a person interviewed who had contact with Lopez after the incident told officers that Lopez had an alcohol problem, suffered from a bipolar disorder and had had prior verbal disturbances with the victim.

Her arraignment is scheduled for May 16. – Michael Braun/Staff

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3. Cape Coral police tangled with a 10-foot gator on Easter morning

Cape Coral police helped capture an unwanted guest from a neighborhood in the early hours of Easter Sunday morning – a 10-foot-alligator.

Photos posted on the department’s Facebook page show officers tangling with the critter and adds they safely relocated the gator.

Cape Coral police helped capture this 10-foot alligator from a neighborhood during the early morning hours of Easter Sunday. The gator was safely relocated.

Gator sightings are common during the reptiles’ mating season which is happening now, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Last Friday, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to consecutive alligator calls. The first was for a 6-foot gator spotted outside the front door of a home in Reflection Isles off Daniels Parkway. Next, deputies responded to an 8-foot alligator in the Plantation/Idywild area. FWC trappers removed both reptiles. – Dan DeLuca/Staff

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