What does the safer-at-home order mean for you? We're answering your questions.

Karl Schneider
Naples Daily News

A new executive order on Wednesday from Gov. Ron DeSantis limits movements of all Floridians "to only those necessary to obtain or provide essential services or conduct essential activities."

Daily News and News-Press readers have submitted a number of questions about the order into the live Q&A blog. To help fellow Floridians understand how the order affects them, we've broken those questions out here.

The full text of Executive Order 20-91 can be found at the end of this Q&A.

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What does the order mean for me?

Question: Will the drive thru at fast food restaurants be allowed to remain open?

Answer: The short answer is yes. Gov. DeSantis refers to an earlier executive order he signed on March 20 where he addressed alcohol sales, restaurants and gyms.

In the earlier order, restaurants were to suspend all "on-premises food consumption" but take out and drive thru services were allowed:

"... such establishments may operate their kitchens for the purpose of providing delivery or take-out services. Employees, janitorial personnel, contractors and delivery personnel shall be allowed access to such establishments for the purposes of delivery or take-out services," the order says. 

Q: Can we still go on walks, runs or bike rides?

A: Yup! DeSantis expressly writes that these activities are essential as long as participants remain "consistent with social distancing guidelines." 

The CDC guidelines on social distancing are: keeping at least 6 feet from other people and limiting gatherings to 10 people or fewer.

Q: Are we still able to go out boating?

A: I reached out the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission's Division of Law Enforcement for help interpreting boating rules under the new executive order.

FWC spokeswoman Shannon Knowles wrote back right away saying:

"Recreational boating, while practicing social distancing, is allowed under Executive Order 20-91. Boat operators also must continue to follow the vessel distancing and occupancy requirements outlined in FWC’s Executive Order 20-09."

The order Knowles referenced says:

Q: Are golf courses still open?

A: DeSantis' new executive order does not close down golf courses, but we recommend calling ahead to privately owned clubs. Each may have its own set of hours, rules and guidelines.

Daily News sports reporter Greg Hardwig wrote up an article on this topic. If you plan to go golfing, read this first:

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Q: Are we still allowed to move homes?

A: Truck drivers are listed as essential workers under Gov. DeSantis' order, but there is no direct reference to moving to a new home.

DeSantis did leave room for additional services to be listed, so this may change in the future.

Q: Can you drive someone to the airport to catch a flight at RSW?

A: Airports are listed in both lists Gov. DeSantis is using to determine what remains essential. So, yes, you can fly and also drive someone else to the airport.

The Miami-Dade attachment in DeSantis' order considers all of the following essential:

"Airlines, taxis, and other private transportation providers providing transportation

services via automobile, truck, bus, or train."

Q: Are in-home caregivers still allowed to visit?

A: Yes, home-based care is listed as an essential service. This includes care for seniors, adults and children.

Q: Are pool cleaners and landscapers still able to take care of my property?

A: Yes. Gov. DeSantis is using two separate lists to detail what is essential and what is non-essential. One of the lists is an executive order issued in Miami-Dade. 

In that order, "Landscape and pool care businesses, including residential landscape and pool are services" are listed as essential.