Letters to the editor

Martin Albertus
Marco Eagle

Three key beliefs

Kudos to the Marco Island City Council for giving everyone involved in the ALF discussion (petitioner, city staff, residents and council members) ample time to express themselves at the Jan. 22 City Council meeting.

As a full-time resident I watched the entire meeting and came away with three key beliefs:

1.The people spoke and the City Council responded by denying the proposal for the new ALF. While there is much support for some form of an ALF on Marco Island, the current proposal did not fulfill that need.

2.Councilor Reed’s eloquent discourse explaining his no vote brought up a clear solution that will solve many of our health-related concerns. He stated that what we really need on the proposed ALF site is a 24/7 Emergency Room, not another walk-in clinic that is closed after 5 p.m. and on weekends. By having a real emergency room on the island, we would not need additional ambulance service and residents would receive emergency care within minutes without having to be transported off island.

3. Former Councilor Honneker’s proposal for a new waterfront park on the proposed ALF site fell on deaf ears again as he was rushed off the podium before being allowed to go into more detail. The city needs to work out a public/private partnership with NCH to develop the property with two elements in mind, (1) a first class, full service Emergency Room with helipad and, (2) a waterfront park that ties into the existing bike path system.

It is time to develop this land in ways that serve the citizens of Marco Island, not the developers.

Richard Blonna, Marco Island


Jan. 28, 2019

Fake facts

Again, we read a story in today's paper filled with "facts" that have already been disproven.

In the opening paragraph, your story claims the Covington student confronted the Indian Vietnam veteran.  Wrong, anyone with a pair of eyes can see that the Indian approached the students and in a confrontational action started beating a drum in the teen’s face.

Another "fact", he is not a Vietnam veteran as reported by the press.  Also, what about the Black Israelites who were yelling obscene and racist comments at the teen students for more than an hour? What a great remembrance of their visit to the Capital.

As the media rushed to condemn the students before they had the real facts, one can only think if this negative coverage was influenced by the fact that they were Catholics, attending a Pro-life march, and wearing red Make America Great Again hats. Sure makes you wonder.

Tom McGreal, Marco Island and Chicago

Countering a pot shot

This letter is in response to Lance McCormack’s Jan. 22 letter in the Marco Eagle.

Mr. McCormack, who claims to be a substance abuse clinician, “sounded the alarm” by alerting us to the apparent “dangers of marijuana.” As someone who has suffered at the hands of conventional healthcare, and thrived using solely cannabis, I am not impressed with Mr. McCormack’s shot at cannabis. As a United States Air Force military police veteran, full time college student, and citizen of Collier County, I am appalled by the echoes of the racism fueled cannabis prohibition. Frankly, I shudder at the thought of someone with such an outdated way of thinking being in the medical field at all.

Research and data clearly shows that cannabis legalization leads to reduced numbers of opioid use and death. I can attest to this first-hand as it has helped me as well as many veterans and elderly. Cannabis is an exit drug from opioids, not a gateway drug.

Stereotyping a demographic is unbecoming of a substance abuse clinician, especially when he is wrong. If Mr. McCormack would have bothered to look at the statistics and consult the cannabis doctors within Florida’s program, he’d learn that the largest growing demographic is actually the elderly, not adolescents and young adults like he claimed.

Mr. McCormack was correct about one thing, and that is that he cannot stop the progress of cannabis legalization. He and others opposed to it are better off learning and progressing with the times than continuing to be on the wrong side of history. Thankfully, the fear-mongering “reefer madness” alarmists with this mentality are in the increasingly limited minority.

Alex Popoff, Naples