It’s a school project that nobody ever complains about.

Plus, when you’ve finished all the legwork, you get to eat it.

Making gingerbread houses just before school closes has been a long-standing tradition at Tommie Barfield Elementary, and besides the fun aspect, teacher Adys McGuffie said it goes a little deeper.

“It’s also about parent involvement and the special bond that the child gets with parents in this situation,” McGuffie said. “In the classroom, they learn about tradition, and this has become a tradition, too.”

She said it’s also interesting that sometimes the houses reflect the students’ personalities, whether they be perhaps a little shy, totally extrovert or somewhere in between.

Before the 1:30 p.m. start, student Hylton Spitzer said he didn’t have any specific design plans, but that he would adapt as he went along.

“There’s going to be as much candy as we can fit on there,” said mom Angela.

“Construction” of the houses was done in an orderly fashion on the rows of tables inside the school’s cafeteria, and just about everybody was recoded for posterity courtesy of brandished smart phones.

Just in case, teacher Katie Bush doubled as an unofficial photographer, snapping groups throughout the session.

On the cover:Finley Lane O'Brien shows off her finished gingerbread house (it's in there somewhere). Photo by Quentin Roux.

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