Several weeks ago, this letter came into the Coconuttele, the Isles of Capri voluntary e-mail intercorrespondence network, asking for help.

“Dear Coconuttele: This adorable little girl was found running up County Road 951 near Port Au Prince Road on New Year's Eve. A friend spotted her and stopped to pick her up fearing she'd be hit by a car if he didn't try to rescue her. I guess he called me because he knew I wouldn't refuse to help. He drove her to our house, and we've been taking care of her since.

“Some wonderful neighbors volunteered to bring her to the vet where it was determined that she wasn't micro-chipped, and she's approximately a year and a half old. She has a very sweet disposition and would be a wonderful companion for anyone looking to adopt a dog. My husband Jack and I already have a dog.

“Jack and I drove up and down each side street off Port Au Prince and asked people if they recognized the dog with no success. So, we are appealing to our Isles of Capri friends to help us find her a home.

Please post this letter and photo of the little dog on the Coconuttele newsletter. Add that if anyone is interested in adopting her, to e-mail me with a phone number. Thank you, and Happy New Year! Vi Avedisian.”

Messages of support from Isles of Capri residents poured into the Coconuttele, but not one was able to give this little puppy a home. Just when the picture looked grim, this message arrived a few days ago.

“Hi Ann, just wanted to let you know one of our closest friends whose dog passed after 15 years has taken our little lost friend. They bonded, and it was very heart warming. Thanks to all who do so much for our island community, Jack and Vi Avedisian.”

The Coconuttele operator is grateful to have been of help in this situation, as well as in other similar instances where pets have accidentally gotten out of their homes, wandered away, or fallen in the canals, bays and river surrounding the isles.

Several days before the terrier-mix puppy aforementioned was posted, another family requested help from their neighbors on Capri in finding their lost dog.

“Liz and I lost our four month old black Cocker Puppy named Skipper approximately an hour ago on Samar Ave. Anyone seeing her please give us a call at this number. She is very timid and shy, so one may have to get down and talk gently to get her to come,” wrote Ed Neal recently.

Once again, residents began to help the Neals’ search for their lost pet. Because their home is located on the bay, neighbors felt sure that she had fallen in and had drowned. Then, a few hours later, this message was received:

“God is watching over this puppy! Neighbors thought she fell in the bay, but four hours later she runs happily in and smells like sea water, so maybe God sent a dolphin to her rescue. Thank you all, and thank God for this great little island community! Ed Neal.”

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