Council will take up Rose Marina construction project again on Feb. 17

Steve Stefanides
Rose Marina as viewed from the air.

The city's growth management department attempted to update the council last week on the progress on the issuance of a temporary-use permit for the Rose Marina construction project, which would bring $15 million in improvements to marina facilities on Bald Eagle Drive.

The overall project was approved last spring after public hearings before both the Planning Board and city council.

The issue will be placed on the agenda for Feb. 17.

It is unclear whether council will want to see all routine administrative matters brought to them for approval and an amended change in the city codes brought forward.

The issue involved the normal administrative process that allows staff to issue temporary-use permits and the desires of some on council to review details of the construction staging and temporary boat storage.

Concerns about where the issue was placed in the agenda, notifications to neighbors and the process itself were called into question.

"I think we are establishing an uncomfortable precedent for our professional staff by telling them how to do their job," said Larry Sacher, council chairman.

"We checked with the city attorney for his advice and the process that we used was the appropriate one for this matter, if you'd desire to see that process changed we can bring an amended ordinance dealing with that to you if that makes you more comfortable," said City Manager Roger Hernstadt.