This year's 25 best places to retire have been ranked, and 11 of them are in Florida

Rachael Thomas
Sarasota Herald-Tribune

Whether it's the lure of pristine beaches and endless summers or the state's low taxes and abundant entertainment options, Florida dominated this year's list of the best places to retire, according to U.S. News and World Report. From Southwest Florida to the Panhandle, 11 Sunshine State metro areas made the cut, notably grabbing 8 of the top 10 spots.

Sarasota reigned supreme at the top of the list for the second year in a row, with Naples, Daytona Beach and Melbourne taking second, third and fourth place. Tampa, Fort Myers, Port St. Lucie and Pensacola made it into the top 10, and balmy inland cities Lakeland, Ocala and Orlando were not overlooked.

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Floridians may want to visit Siesta Key near Sarasota, which has been named the nations' top beach numerous times by Trip Advisor.

Here's the full list:

The 25 best places to retire in 2021-22

1. Sarasota

2. Naples

3. Daytona Beach

4. Melbourne

5. Lancaster, PA

6. Tampa

7. Fort Myers

8. Port St. Lucie

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9. Ann Arbor, MI

10. Pensacola 

11. Allentown, PA

12. Lakeland

13. Harrisburg, PA

14. Asheville, NC

15. Reading, PA

16. Ocala

17. York, PA

18. Orlando

19. Philadelphia

20. Knoxville

21. Scranton, PA

22. Raleigh & Durham, NC

23. Nashville, TN

24. Manchester, NH

25. Myrtle Beach, SC

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If this list looks familiar, it's because Florida's top retirement cities have consistently made appearances in the rankings.

Here's last year's list:

Top 25 places to retire in 2020-21

1. Sarasota

2. Fort Myers

3. Port St. Lucie

4. Naples

5. Lancaster PA

6. Ocala

7. Ann Arbor, MI

8. Asheville

9. Miami

10. Melbourne

11. Myrtle Beach, SC

12. Nashville, TN

13 Jacksonville

14. Manchester, NH

15. Daytona Beach

16. Orlando

17. Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

18 Lakeland

19. Chattanooga, TN

20. Tampa

21. Grand Rapids, MI

22. Houston, TX

23. Charlotte, NC

24. San Antonio, TX

25. Pensacola