Letter from Keith Flaugh: Council throws children under the bus


Five of seven Marco Island City Council members threw our children and their families under the bus! Only councilmen Amadeo Petricca and Victor Rios honored their oath of office and pledge to uphold the constitutions of the United States and the state of Florida.

On Jan 20 and 26, chairman Larry Sacher did everything in his power to sabotage a local resolution that “calls upon the Governor, and the Florida Legislature to immediately pass an act repealing the Common Core Standards Content of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, Curriculum and High Stakes Testing that are being imposed through incentives and punitive actions by the Federal Department of Education and State Government agencies in violation of the Constitution of the United States ... And for our U.S. Congressmen in Florida to utilize their respective powers to protect the State of Florida from retribution by the Federal Department of Education.”

Sacher stated that there was no clear support from his constituents. This fails to recognize this was the No. 1 issue that carried Kelly Lichter and Erika Donalds to victory in 2014, and also reflects him wearing out many attendees who simply gave up after eight hours of his delay tactics and frequent statements that “this was not the people’s business.”

Councilors Joe Batte and Bob Brown reneged on their strong statement at the October Candidate Forum, clearly stating they would support a stop Common Core resolution. And council members Ken Honneker and Larry Honig chose to follow the crowd.

Interestingly, there is rapidly growing non-partisan opposition to Common Core across the nation. All four major teachers unions are now opposing and both parties in many states are now opposing.

So what will it take for the remainder of our council members to place a prioritize our children first and honor their oath of office as Petricca and Rios have done?

Keith Flaugh

Marco Island