MAILBAG: Letters from Russ Colombo, Keith Flaugh


Nancy Richie departure

A brief observation, if I may: Is it this administration's intention to note the departure of Nancy Richie in a non-descript manner?

Environmental specialist Richie has been the model of any organization's ideal associate ever since the city's incorporation. A 24/7 civil and community servant, Nancy Richie was never the standard 9-to-5 robotic employee that is today's accepted standard. Her service deserves more than a mere nod and murmured "thanks."

Hopefully, city council will, at minimum, publicly acknowledge Richie's devotion and contributions to Marco Island ... and to its environs.

Russ Colombo

Marco Island

The case against Common Core

Are you curious about Common Core? This will be one of the top three issues in the 2016 national election and is a huge issue today here in Florida.

Common Core state standards, 100 percent included in Florida Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, are a packaged deal that includes nationally driven standards, a "one size fits all" curriculum, and high-stakes testing.

All are neatly wrapped in something called data mining, better described as student profiling that tracks more than 400 data points ever year from pre-k through 4 years into the work force for each student by name.

The standards are copyrighted by two national lobbyist groups. States that do not comply are punished financially. The Common Core curriculum reconstructs U.S. history, minimizes the reading of classical literature, includes religious Islamic indoctrination, destroys students' desire for learning and creative thinking, and violates individual rights to privacy.

Equally insidious is the high stakes testing that results in up to 50 percent of local schools available teachable hours being used for preparing, taking and retaking high stakes tests.

Parents and grandparents of Marco Island/Collier County do not take my word for any of this.

On Feb. 25, Duke Pesta, professor of English, University of Wisconsin, and the academic director of Freedom Project Education will present the "Case against Common Core" at the Marco Lutheran Church, 6:30 p.m. This event will also include a panel discussion with current and past Collier School Board members Kelly Lichter and Pat Carroll; the founder of Marco Island Academy Jane Watt, and moderated by a Naples reporter.

Keith Flaugh

Marco Island

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