MAILBAG: Condo owners oppose new rental regs


As a resident of the Monterrey, Cape Marco, I am writing to express support for the exclusion of condominiums in the proposed rental ordinance that is now being reconsidered.

Such oversight by the city of Marco Island is a duplication of effort given the existence of condominium boards and management that already ensure properties are properly maintained, managed, and do not create a potential for nuisance for neighboring properties. Noise or nuisance from residents are addressed by the board and annual fire alarm and fire sprinkler inspections currently take place.

The city of Marco Island should refrain from engaging in inefficient government involvement.

Carolyn Beckett

Marco Island

Opposed to reconsideration

This letter is to state our opposition to the new rental ordinance or at a minimum our opposition to include condominiums. We are opposed to reopening and reconsidering the ordinance which recently passed.

We have owned a condo on Marco Island for 11 years and have never had any issues in which this new ordinance proposes to solve.

We are opposed because:

* There are no problems reported at the Gulfview. Problems should be analyzed before sweeping all condominiums into an ordinance proposed to solve a problem in single family home neighborhoods. It is highly likely problems could be eliminated within the condominium community by the governing boards.

* A new ordinance will need city staff and funding to implement, which we haven't planned a budget.

* Implementation will be an unnecessary burden in every step which must be absorbed by the owner, renter, board, condo management, rental agent plus the city.

* Gulfview and other condos have rules and regulations in place to maintain a pleasant atmosphere.

If there is a problem with tax collections, it not the city's responsibility to address.

The city has never collected rental statistics and has not demonstrated a need or benefit to do so.

We have many serious issues to address with bridges, roads, traffic, rapid growth, zoning, schools, fire and police services and more. These areas deserve the city council's attention and our budget.

Jane and Fred Schuh, condo owners

Marco Island

Exclude condos

My name is James Beckett and I am a resident of the Monterrey building in Cape Marco on Marco Island. I am writing to express my support of keeping the "exclusion" of condos in the proposed rental ordinance based on the fact that we already have regulations and controls in place to take care of any related renter issues.

These regulations are rigorously enforced and I would prefer we keep it that way and not add to our building management's workload.

James Beckett

Marco Island

Tax us out of Marco

Give us a break! When will this city government ever have enough? Individual condominium rules/regulations, and present city rules/regulations are just fine! But, I am sure you will find some other way to tax us out of Marco Island totally.

Gail Wood/owner - Riverside Condominium

Marco Island

No rental issues with condos

I own a condo in the Duchess on Marco Island and I have been notified about the the proposed ordinance No. 15 and want to point out that I am totally against including condominiums in this ordinance as I feel it is unnecessary for a variety of reasons.

Proposing blanket registrations for condos will place additional responsibilities on condo management to file paperwork with the city, and will require an annual city fee to the association for the right to rent units. This proposed new rental ordnance should not apply to condominiums, who already have their own rules in place.

Expanding this ordnance to condos is unnecessary as, from what I understand, the whole reason for a city-sponsored rental ordnance is because a few private home rentals have had trouble with renters. There have been no rental issues in condominiums. The city already has a nuisance and noise ordinance that is meant to cover potential problems. Once again, I feel strongly that it is unnecessary to include condominiums, who by their very nature, already have strong rules in place.

Elizabeth Moran Di Stefano

Marco Island

Disappointed in council vote

(This letter was sent to all council members and copied to the Sun Times.)

I am very disappointed in your most recent vote, making condo owners abide by this ridiculous ruling. I thought that condos were not considered in this ordinance. It is my understanding that one, only one council member brought it up again, and it was passed.

I would like to know which one brought it up and I would like to have him recalled. Considering all the people who were against including condos in this proposal, they passed it anyway. I would also like to know how many complaints they get every year about renters in condos and how many complaints they get from home renters.

We have a fine Marco Island Police Department with a high presence on the island and they should be able to take care of making owners comply to noise restrictions without more regulations. To couple condos into this ridiculous ordinance when we already have our own governing boards is overstepping the bounds of government and will be an added and unnecessary expense.

Lola Sinelli

Pensacola News-Journal

Marco Island

No problem with condos

As a condo owner on Marco Island since 1992, I am concerned about the possibility of a cumbersome and costly ordinance regulating all condominiums on our Island.

If City Council has problems with transient rentals in residential homeowner developments that create noise, parking problems and excessive occupancy issues, the City Council should deal with the residential homeowner problem through existing protocol. Instruct the Marco Island Police and your legal advisors to engage in correcting the problem. Clarify the law if necessary, educate homeowners that choose to rent, and enforce compliance. Investigate and confront renting violators, and issue fines, if that's what it takes, to establish "law and order" in residential neighborhoods.

Condominiums have established documents with specific state and local level approved by-laws that directly address noise, parking, occupancy levels and numerous other issues associated with renters. And condominium managers, their staff and elected board members are competent and obligated to deal with problem renters if they create noise, parking or occupancy related issues within their regulated condominium communities.

​The proposed Section X.2.1(b), which obligates condominiums to routinely report renter statistics, will create an unnecessary reporting system to fix a need that doesn't exist. Your problem is directly associated with individual residences, not condominium associations.

Section X.2.2 requires building code and annual fire inspections that by law, already exist and are routinely performed for condominiums. This procedure, however, may be appropriate for residential homeowners that choose to rent.

In summary, please exclude condominiums from your proposed rental ordinance and focus your attention on single family homeowners that fail to control the number of their renters or their behavior.

Robert Streisel

Marco Island