Letters: Do you want to pay $450 a month for water?

Doug Marlette

City Council utility rate special called meeting, Monday, April 13, 2015, at 1 p.m., Community Room (City Council Meeting Room).

We urge you to attend this very important meeting and voice your opinion.

Workshop discussions will include the water and wastewater rate structure, and Marco Utilities' future capital needs of an additional $300 million.

The water utility is already $150 million in debt. A couple of months ago, after we had a few visitors for 3 weeks, our water bill was $500! Can you believe that?

To address this new debt requirement, does that mean that our water bills will increase dramatically, three times what it is now?

A straight calculation could mean that if your average water/sewer bill today is $150, it could require another $150 each month to make up for one half ($150 million) of the additional $300 million debt, and another $150 each month to make up for the other half ($150 million) of the $300 million debt!

Do you want to pay $450 every month for water/sewer service?

The reconsideration of non-STRP vacant lot assessments for waste water will also be addressed during this workshop.

This is an official council meeting and not a workshop. This means council can make decisions and create ordinances that will impact all property owners on Marco Island.

Public comment is included on the agenda.

Bill Harris

Marco Island