Kudos to Marco Island City Council member Victor Rios for speaking up and asking for an independent, impartial investigation into the allegations against fellow councilor Joe Batte.

An in-house investigation conducted by the City Manager is ludicrous. The City Manager works for the City Council. Essentially, an investigation by the City Manager would be like an employee investigating his boss. Isn't that ridiculous?

I had earlier requested of the City Manager that someone at the county or state level conduct the investigation. Any in-house investigation will be viewed as biased and as the good old boys taking care of their own.

What are they hiding, that they are afraid of an independent investigation?

Again – Well done, councilor Rios. We're glad that someone on the council has the backbone to stand up for what's right for the city.

Bill Harris

Marco Island

Our own backyards

While everyone is standing high on their words of wildlife indignation perhaps they should subscribe to and regularly read the weekly reports from Florida Fish and Wildlife Enforcement.

Become aware of what goes on in our backyards …for example, Gordon Pass, last Saturday July 25 the FWC discovery of 100s (yes, hundreds) of undersize red grouper plus turtle parts in two fishing boats …why don't these stories get reported by local newspapers and media?

Bob Gloodt

Marco Island

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