OPINION FROM BILL HARRIS: More water you use, more you pay


(This letter was sent to all Marco Island City Council members and forwarded to the Sun Times.)

Hillary server

I had a discussion with council member Amadeo Petricca about the new rate structure. I cannot believe we've spent almost $200,000 on consultants for this, and still cannot get it right. The published objectives are always to make the rates fair and equal. Then, you go and screw it up again!

Keep it simple. Use the KISS method!

Everyone should pay the same base rate for operations, etc. Then everyone should pay the exact same amount for each gallon of water they use. What could be simpler? What could be more fair than that? Everyone pays the same! That way, the heavy water users would still pay more because they use more water. And the low users would still pay less. The more you use, the more you pay. Could you imagine if the gas stations used your thinking? We'd all need meters installed in our cars so the gas stations would know how much to charge each of us for each gallon of gas we purchased. They could also use EDUs (equivalent driving units).

In most instances, quantity buying equals a reduction in price. But our geniuses have, like they do for most things, turned this concept on its head.

I have no doubt that this new insanity of an ordinance will pass on tonight's second reading because that's what the majority, the unholy four, want – and that's what really matters on this council. For a certainty, what the people want never enters into the picture!

Bill Harris

Marco Island