MAILBAG letter from Charles Lamb: Veterans’ Community Park survey results


The following is a summary of three Veterans’ Community Park Citizen surveys taken to-date:

* Survey One: There was a Letter to the Editor, which appeared in the Marco Island Sun Times on Nov. 27 (day after Thanksgiving) which contained the following questions. Responses were sent directly to the City Council and here are the results for the period of Nov. 27-Dec. 6:

Please select at least two items from below:

1) Veterans’ Community Park is to remain an open space (fine the way it is): Result: 121 respondents were in favor.

2) 10,500 sqf, 3-in-1, single multi-use building at $7.5 million: (200-seat performing arts/meeting room combo; 4,500 sqf. patio & outdoor stage) Funding: 10-15 years or state revolving loan. Result: 0, no one was in favor.

3) 3,500 sqf. bandshell and bathroom facilities at $1.5 million: Funding: FY-2017 budget. Result: 26 respondents in favor.

4) Scrap the 2009 Veterans Park Master Plan and start from scratch: Result: 5 respondents in favor.

5) Update the 2009 Veterans Park Master Plan: Result: 9 respondents in favor.

6) To eliminate the need for Item No. 2 (multi-use building) add 4,000sqf to Mackle Park at $1.5 million: Funding: 10-15 years or state revolving loan. Result: 30 respondents in favor.

* Survey Two: MICA survey results: 2,132 respondents favored to keep Veterans Park an open green space; 442 respondents favored some type of permanent structure.

* Survey Three: Through a public records request, copies of e-mails from residents on Veterans Park from Oct. 15-Oct. 20 were obtained. All 140 e-mails favored keeping Veterans Park an open green space; all 140 e-mails did not favor a 3-in-1 multi-use building; a small number favored a bandshell and permanent bathrooms.

Conclusion: Based on these surveys, respondents have voted overwhelmingly to let Veterans’ Community Park remain an open green space. 2,393 respondents in favor of open green space.

Over a period of almost six months. These are the voices of the silent majority and I hope City Council is listening.

Charles Lamb

Marco Island