Walmart, the one closest to Marco Island on Collier Boulevard, has shotgun ammo on shelves that is not locked up.

Anyone at any time can have access to them. There is quite a bit. I spoke with the general manager over a year ago and he said he does not have the room to lock it all up.

They have room to lock up fishing reels, but not shotgun ammo. They have all cigarettes behind a counter at all times with an employee always there, but you can go and grab shotgun ammo yourself any time.

The manager says The Law says he has to keep cigarettes under tight security.

I called the Sheriff’s department, and they said Walmart is not breaking the law. So, we have fishing reels locked up and computers locked up and cameras all locked up, yet there is no law saying they have to be.

I found a box on a shelf last week that was opened, and a 12-gauge shell was missing. With all the shootings going on in this country, you would think that shotgun ammo would have better security.

I do all my shopping at this store and I have nothing against Walmart.

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