Commentary by John Arceri: Marco Islanders making sense of GOP race

John Arceri
Special to the Sun Times

As the primary race for the Republican candidate for president heats up and gets more complex, the members of the local Republican organization, the Caxambas Republican Club of Southwest Florida, tries to make sense out of the race by determining which of the present candidates have the characteristics that make a winning Republican candidate and, more importantly, a great president.

To this end, the members have developed what they believe are the six most important characteristics a successful candidate must have as well as rating each of the present major candidates on how they score on each characteristic.

The characteristics they have identified (taken from a research list of some 16) are:

1. Honesty: Truthful, trustworthy, talks with candor and not influenced by donors or lobbyists;

2. Leadership: Projects confidence and commitment to principles, decisive without concern for polls nor political correctness;

3. Management: Experience managing organizations, motivating others and balancing budgets and creating jobs;

4. Communication: Motivational, persuasive and optimistic speaker, avoids tele-prompter and gains respect and admiration, a good listener;

5. Conflict resolution: Handles unexpected conflicts and able to negotiate settlements with other nations, political parties and dissenters;

6. Knowledge: Possesses knowledge and experience on most major issues from immigration to national debt and deficits, to tax reform, foreign affairs and homeland security.

The club will be holding a mock debate on Feb. 3 at 5:30 p.m. at the United Church of Marco Island, located at 320 N. Barfield Drive. The club expects to have “candidates” Bush, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina, Rubio and Trump participating in this timely debate.

All members, the media and the general public are invited to attend what should be an informative and fun event. The results of the final character survey, mentioned above, will also be discussed as the club prepares to release the results of all of their survey polling and debates in advance of the critical Florida primary on March 15 – the first winner-take-all primary in the country.

Please contact Bob Rommel, 239-821-2297, bob@bobrommel.net, for additional information.

Attorney John Arceri is vice president-public relations and marketing of the Caxambas Republican Club and a former Marco Island City Council member.