Peak Your Profits: Food, focus and your future

Jeff Blackman

If you're a regular “Peak Profiteer,” you know I love to “tell stories.” Because they help deliver valuable strategies and powerful tips for your ongoing success.
Yet, on occasion, I'll give you multiple hits within the same column. Short, succinct ideas with immediate application and possibilities.
Well, this column is another triple threat! Because it offers up three anecdotes or experiences, with lots of juicy lessons.

Food for thought

Businessman spraying dollar sign shape cloud paint on the cliff with cloudscape background.

While standing in the checkout line at Whole Foods Market, I glanced up. Emblazoned on the wall, is a series of simple, yet powerful signs.
The first one, is about six feet long and brown, with 10 inch white letters proclaiming: “Our core values.”

Beneath it, were five smaller signs. Each, about three feet by two feet. Their beige letters, state the five distinct core values of Whole Foods.

  1. We sell the highest quality foods available.
  2. We care about team member happiness and excellence.
  3. We satisfy and delight our customers.
  4. We create wealth through profits and growth.
  5. We care about our environment.

All, good stuff. Truly, food for thought! So it got me thinking, what are your core values? How are they communicated? Internally? Externally? Are they tucked-away or highly visible?
And most importantly, how are you living and executing them?

Simon says

Several years ago, during a phone conversation with Simon Singer, a successful financial advisor, he shared with me a simple, yet powerful strategy, to help you focus on results and grow your business.
Simon suggests you ask yourself four questions …

  1. What do I like to do?
  2. What am I good at?
  3. What don’t I like to do?
  4. What am I not good at?

Then, limit your focus to numbers one and two.
Next, hire folks to do numbers three and four, because they’re good at it and they like to do it.

Question from a reader

As much as I try to stay focused, I'm often easily distracted. What do you suggest?


Great question. One we could easily spend hours on. Yet in the interest of brevity, simplicity and ease of execution, here’s a dynamite idea from Rob Baskin, a client and friend, who continually shows me, he’s a very focused guy.
Here’s Rob, in his own words.
“My metallic platinum hourglass, is about 16” tall with white sand. When I run it, I commit myself to working on one and only one task for the duration.
When in the office, I generally use it one or two times per day, to focus on and knock-off my highest priorities.

If I finish early, I either move on to my next highest priority, or use the newly discovered time to return calls, check emails, or do a walk-around of our departments.
The hourglass has also become symbolic of “focus time.”

If someone enters my office for an impromptu visit, my assistant knows the glass is running and tells him or her, I'm in “focus mode.” Generally, visitors are very agreeable, and we visit when “focus time” is over.
This is a very simplistic idea, but what I find absolutely amazing, is what can be accomplished in such a short time. I guess that’s the power of focus.’"
Thanks Rob!
What will you accomplish, in your “focus time?”

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