Letters, Marco Eagle, Feb. 24

Marco Eagle

Clean bike paths

Everyone benefits from an active and healthy community. While Marco Island has taken a great step in providing its citizens and visitors with some bike paths, we have more work to do to provide a safe cycling environment on the island.


With all of the construction on Marco, the bike paths become littered with nails, shards of metal, glass and other debris. Palm fronds and branches are also crowding the path for bikers.

Often, cyclists are forced out of the marked bike lane to navigate with traffic because of obstacles on the bike path. If the town has made a commitment to provide bike paths, perhaps we can find a cost-effective solution for keeping the paths safe and clean on a more regular basis.

Kathryn and Bill Rogers, Marco Island

Hernstadt was good manager

My comments and 2 cents’ worth. Having many years of experience in the hierarchy of association management and government, I truly can say that the city of Marco Island has lost a great city manager.

It is a proven fact that when an organization or government body has high turnover with its senior staff, manager or chief executive officer, it is not the CEO, but the volunteers or elected officials that are the problem.

So it goes with the Marco Island City Council. Former Manager Bill Moss got this city going and spent 10-plus years here. He has been the city manager of Naples for many years and they love him.

Following him on Marco was Steve Thompson, who did not last long, and then a friend of some council members, who was not a trained or seasoned manager. Then came Roger Hernstadt, a bright star in the sky. His professionalism and numerous accomplishments have enhanced the fiscal standing and overall well-being of the city (thank you, Hernstadt).

I see there is mention of a recall petition; not a bad idea. It is hard to believe that our citizens elected two inexperienced councilors who have never participated in the Marco Island government at the committee or volunteer level. Yes, a sad state of affairs and we may be stuck with it.

My only hope (and I know this will happen) is that Hernstadt and his wife, Jessica, will go on to another city where they will do good work and be appreciated.

Ray Rosenberg, Marco Island

Stop complaining

Last year, my friend wanted you to stop running a conservative writer’s column because he disagreed with him. This year, he complains about the Republicans trying to change Obamacare now that they have won.

My friend is still a great guy (and still a terrible golfer), but I have a quote for him: “Elections have consequences and (Donald) Trump won, so get over it.”

Does that sound familiar?

Larry Pace, Marco Island

Scholar ships


The Naples Press Club Scholarship Committee is currently interviewing students who are interested in obtaining a 2017-18 Terrence J. Miller $1,000 Naples Press Club Journalism Scholarship.

Interested students need to be graduating from a Collier County high school this spring, or need to be past graduates from a Collier County high school. Applicants must be planning to major in or currently majoring in the overall journalism/media field, be enrolled as full-time students at an accredited college or university, and maintain at least a 3.0 (B) average.

The Naples Press Club Scholarship is renewable on an annual basis. For an application or more information, please contact me at 239-249-4969 or conskind@aol.com.

Scholarship criteria and applications are also available on the Naples Press Club website: naplespressclub. org. The application deadline is March 31, 2017.

Connie S. Kindsvater, Scholarship Committee chairman, Naples Press Club

More traffic enforcement needed

Each and every day, I watch as Neapolitans and visitors to our area rush down area roadways. They speed, weave in and out of traffic and often accelerate toward an awaiting stoplight.

I typically wind up next to them in the line of cars at the red light. If only I had, and could safely use, the old “poor man’s CB,” I’d readily hold up my messages to them.

On some occasions, this process continues for several lights in a row. Collectively, this means that I’m obeying the speed limits and saving gas, while others are doing the opposite. I’m clearly a lot calmer than they are.

At some red lights, I manage to stop; however, other drivers race through the light, even after it turns red. Note: I fought against, and would continue to fight against, red light cameras. But I would strongly support stronger enforcement of these dangerous driving scenarios.

After all, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the driving attributes noted above are at play in many Naples-area traffic mishaps.

Were the highways and byways the only sites of these bad driving habits, it might be more understandable. However, in my small Vineyards coach home community, residents and guests alike are in a similar hurry to get their mail from cluster boxes or to get their car into their garage.

H. Michael Mogil, Naples