Recognize first lady

Why did you not acknowledge the president’s wife in your front-page story in a recent Sunday edition of the paper? You certainly had enough room under the picture caption.

The photo on Page 8A is similar, mentioning President Donald Trump, but still no acknowledgment of first lady Melania Trump. However, in the picture below that one, the protest organizer’s name is published.

Is there some reason you do not want to print the first lady’s name?

Ed Mc Fadden, Marco

Support funding for seniors

As a member of the Collier Senior Resources board and the Collier County Leadership Coalition on Aging, I recently attended a Regional Aging Advocacy Summit.

The Florida Council on Aging and Gov. Rick Scott are proposing just under a $10 million increase in general revenue funding to serve 1,287 additional frail seniors in the state.

That is just 10 percent of the most at-risk seniors on the Department of Elder Affairs waiting list for community care/home care for the elderly and Alzheimer’s respite care programs. These programs save taxpayers money by keeping our frail seniors in their homes which is so much less expensive than nursing home care.

Our local senior services program in the county government administers these funds for Collier County and has a long waiting list. I was surprised to find the average client receiving these services in the state are 75-year-old Caucasian females, so that could me be.

However, these women are most often living alone with no at-home care provider. I am hoping that our state legislative delegation, including my state representative, Byron Donalds, as well as Rep. Bob Rommel, will support this modest increase, which will keep a number of frail seniors out of more expensive care and offer respite for families of Alzheimer’s patients.

I am very confident that Sen. Kathleen Passidomo will support this increase as she is a clear friend of senior services. Please encourage our delegation to support Scott’s request.

Harriet Lancaster, Naples

Happy reading

He who lost the popular vote by some 3 million votes says he doesn’t read much. That may be why he disparages the media. They write long articles and include a lot of facts and figures.

Instead, he uses snippets of news from limited TV outlets and creates bogus news like terrorism in Sweden. The problem is his followers believe everything he utters, whether true or false.

Perhaps if he read more, he would learn some new words and could differentiate between fact and fiction. I would like to suggest the following (modified) book and document titles for him to read: “Governing for Dummies,” “Pride, not Prejudice,” “Catcha in the Lie,” “Profiles in Discourage” and the U.S. Constitution.

Happy reading.

Ann Neises, Naples

You be the judge

It is a cornerstone of our liberties that we have freedom of the press, the right to be kept informed by the news media of what is taking place in our nation.

But coupled with this freedom is the responsibility of the media to provide us with the news truthfully and honestly. There will always be slanting of the news. One person’s perception, just as with witnesses to a crime, will always be viewed through his or her eyes and preconceptions.

For example, CNN has an obvious liberal slant as Fox News has an obvious conservative slant.

However, neither CNN nor Fox News has the right to call the other’s reporting fake news and neither does our president have the right to label as fake any news that is critical of him or with which he disagrees.

Repeat anything often enough and too many people will believe it, true or not. The constant claims by our president, and I did say “our” president, of false news reports are a danger to our freedom of the press because when we lose faith in the responsible news media, whether it be CNN or Fox News, we give in to believing demagogues and others claiming only their views are the truth.

Fake news is a fact today, the cry for sensationalism whether it be true or not, but labeling responsible media reporting as fake because you disagree is just as reprehensible and plain wrong as the fake news itself.

President Donald Trump may claim that his administration is running like a welloiled and fine-tuned machine. He may claim that his administration has inherited a disaster.

These are his opinions and reporting them is not fake news but news to be judged by any and all of us. Equally so, reports of chaos in the White House based on events transpiring there are not fake news but again, news to be judged by us.

Peter Weissman, Naples

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