Please move over

I just wanted to remind Marco Island drivers that there is still such a thing as a “passing lane.”

From Wikipedia: “A passing lane is commonly referred to as a ‘fast lane’ because it is often used for extended periods of time for through traffic or fast traffic. In theory, a passing lane should be used only for passing, thus allowing, even on a road with only two lanes in each direction, motorists to travel at their own pace.”

Each direction of Collier Boulevard has a passing lane and a travel lane. If you’re not passing, please move over.

Mike Moriarty, Marco Island

Support school bills

Florida children deserve the best possible education that “unleashes the individual learning potential of each child.” Do you agree or disagree with this simple assertion?

Florida Rep. Byron Donalds, representing Collier and Hendry counties, and past Senate president and current Sen. Tom Lee, from Hillsborough County, filed instructional materials companion bills SB 1210 and HB 989.

When passed into law, this instructional materials bill will restore local control of curriculum to each school district, give a meaningful voice to parents and the local community in the selection process for instructional materials, and require instructional materials used in the classroom meet the following criteria: Be research-based and be proven to be effective in supporting student learning; provide a non-inflammatory, objective, and balanced viewpoint on issues; be appropriate to the students’ ages and varying levels of learning; be accurate and factual; be of acceptable technical quality; strictly adhere to the requirements of Florida Statute 1003.42(2) U.S. constitutional founding values and principles, and not contain pornography or sexually explicit content as is otherwise prohibited by Florida Statute 847.012(3).

Is there anyone among us who has a problem with any of these?

They simply will require textbook and online providers of materials used to teach our children to comply with these seven quality criteria. And clearly, every child in Florida will be the winner.

Keith Flaugh, Marco Island

Give public best health care

A recent commentary by Martin Schram should be reprinted and repeated. The bottom line: Just take the best health insurance that is available to Washington’s elites — the senators and representatives and everyone who works for the federal government — and make it available to everyone in America.

The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB) basically allows all of Washington’s elites to enroll in any plan they choose at very favorable rates.

This is an outrage, allowing Washington elites to gouge us taxpayers and get the best while we struggle with the least.

Let’s wake up America and “drain the swamp.”

P.S. — The media should be covering federal government abuse in depth and on a continuing basis.

Bruce Sammut, Naples

Let them speak

To all of the president’s followers: OK, we get that Donald Trump won the election, but he is not in the White House just to serve those who support him and voted for him.

He is the president of us all. And as good citizens, we need to let him know what we think, and he needs to listen to all opinions, not just blow them off if they are not what he wants to hear.

After all, Trump got a majority of the Electoral College votes, but the popular vote of all the other candidates was several million more than he received.

Since this is a democracy and the majority rules, wouldn’t you agree that the majority of the people have a right to say how they would like our country to proceed? Or do you the vocal minority just wish we would all go away.

As I see it, the federal government works for all the people, not just those who win an election. We are taught not to walk in lockstep behind our leaders, so let us have our say and our vote and let’s see what the future holds.

William Arndt, Naples

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