Build stores, not sports complex

Is East Naples a dumping ground? Each time that a project generating insecurity, noise or more traffic is decided by the Collier County commissioners, their favorite choice is East Naples. Why don’t they build the 18-field sports complex in their backyard or developer Roger Rice’s?

This project should not be built in City Gate as it will generate noise for the residents of the communities located on Davis Boulevard and Radio Road and too much traffic in the already congested and dangerous intersection of County Road 951, Davis Boulevard and Beck Boulevard. The commissioners should drive in this area at 5 p.m. to realize how critical the situation is.

Also, it will not be healthy for the children and adolescents to exercise in such area where the air pollution is high due to the intense traffic on Interstate 75.

The value of the houses located in this area will decrease not only because of the noise generated by the loud announcements and band playing, but also by the increased delinquency in areas where sports complex are situated.

Residents of East Naples must drive between 10 and 15 miles to shop, for instance, at Whole Foods, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy, etc. The lots owned by developer Rice could instead be used to build those kind of stores. As located close to Interstate 75 entrances and exits, these stores would also get business from the people coming from Fort Myers to work here and from the numerous tourists that exit this area.

Clay Collins, Naples

Be sexually responsible

If there is a sign of danger we are warned by road signs, flashing lights, warning labels for cigarettes, food products and medications. These are all good for preventative measures.

What I have a hard time understanding though is the now pressure to give children the HPV vaccine as in a recent article by Dr. Robert Ashley and Lindsey Tanner, but not warning them of the actual cause.

If a woman has had six sexual partners and the man six different sexual partners, then their union will give them both 12 sexual partners each. Doctors have known for years that those in the sexual trade are susceptible to cervical, mouth and anal cancers.

The result for the need of a HPV vaccine is the promiscuity of our young people.

They should be warned about the result of a multiple partner sexual lifestyle.

Why have they not been warned?

Sexual sin is a sin against our own body.

I Corinthians 7:18: “18: Shun immorality.

Every other sin which a man commits is outside the body; but the immoral man sins against his own body.”

God created sex and the attraction between man and woman but it is meant to be in a committed loving relationship of marriage with the result of creating a stable family unit.

All TV shows and movies showing loose sexual behavior should have a warning preceding it. The lifestyle shown in this film can cause cancer. It is done with tobacco products. Let’s tell the truth to our young people.

Sex is an intimate loving experience meant for a man and a woman in a committed relationship as well as for procreation and not a quick thrill, a dirty joke or on display for pornography.

Susan Shane, Naples and Toronto

Danger to public health

The assertion that government regulations stifle the economy has been repeated so often it has become unquestioned gospel in some quarters. No doubt amidst so many regulations, some are obsolete and counterproductive. Equally certain, many others are necessary to protect general health and welfare.

So rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater, politicians should be carefully submitting each regulation considered for elimination to honest cost benefit analysis.

Nevertheless, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, a longtime tool of Oklahoma fossil fuel interests, has launched a blanket assault on environmental protection regulations.

For starters, he has lifted the Waters of the United States Rule that protects the safety of the drinking water of one third of Americans. Other targets include eliminating rules regulating the dumping of coal mining residue (containing mercury and other toxic materials) into streams, most ultimately leading to drinking water supplies, and the Clean Power Plan designed to reduce harmful air pollution as well as carbon dioxide emissions (the leading driver of climate change).

These rules and hundreds of others have been approved in the years since former President Richard Nixon’s Administration to protect public health, air and water quality.

The Trump administration argues that these protections must go because they inhibit job growth. Yet does anyone really believe that coal will revive because miners can once again endanger health by polluting streams? Does the administration even notice that as regulations are lifted in the oil industry, production climbs but jobs do not because of automation? And what kind of country argues that jobs can only be created by endangering health?

Lindsey McCaskey, Naples

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