Peak Your Profits: Alphabet achievement

Jeff Blackman

A for attitude: Attitude isn’t everything, but it’s one heck of a place to start.
B for belief: Believe in yourself, your products, services and solutions. If you don’t, nobody else will.
C for commitment: Possess it. In everything you do. Don’t settle for “good enough.” Pursue success with a vengeance.
D for drive: Show it. Hard work and determination are a winning combination. Drive yourself first. That makes it easier to drive relationships, results and revenue.

Businessman spraying dollar sign shape cloud paint on the cliff with cloudscape background.

E for execute: Do it. Take action. Now! You’re not compensated for intent.

F for fail: You only win, when you’re willing to lose. You only triumph, when you’re willing to fail. Players play. Spectators observe.

G for goals: Write them down. With deadlines.

H for heart: How big is yours? When everything inside you yells, “Quit! Give up!” ... refuse to listen. Despite the obstacles and odds, plunge ahead.

I for intuition: Listen to your gut. Pay attention to your tummy. All decisions aren’t made with logic and facts. Trust your instincts.
J for juggle: You’ll always have lots of stuff going on in your life. Personal. And professional. Get used to it. Manage it. Successful people are seldom idle. Being swamped, can be exhilarating.
K for knowledge: Seek it. If you think you know it all, you’re wrong. Ask questions. Be a good student. Learn. Adapt. Apply.
L for laugh and love: They’re both important! Grab your gut. Roll in the aisles. Let tears stream down your cheeks. Care. Show compassion. Make it unconditional.
M for March: To the beat of a different drummer. You’re more valuable when you’re rare, unique, one-of-a-kind.
N for no: Get used to hearing it, yet don’t feel dejected or rejected. It’s one step closer to a “yes.”

O for opportunity: It’s everywhere. Look for it. Sniff for it. Anticipate it. Be open to the possibilities.
P for plan: Most people don’t plan to fail. Yet they do fail to plan.

Q for quash: Forcibly stop and stomp out negativity. Especially, others who are predictors of doom and gloom. The naysayers. The critics. The doubters. The most important opinion, is yours.
R for read: It’s a path to profit. Tap into others’ wisdom. Be voracious. Gobble-up new, exciting sources of info. Then, make it work for you.
S for stretch: Push yourself. Ascend new heights. Expand your horizons. Broaden your reach. Refuse to limit your potential. Start with your thoughts. When you’re busting through mental boundaries, it’s not called trespassing.
T for rime, truth, teamwork: Make time your ally. Make better choices. Stay organized. Be decisive. Know that truth is your friend. While at times it may be painful, honesty and integrity (in all aspects of your life), are non-negotiables. It’s also a far more enjoyable journey, when you share your success. Solo adventures can be lonely. Two or more people with passion and purpose, can be an unbeatable force.
U for understand: Be willing to appreciate others' opinions and perspectives. Understanding is different than agreement. It’s marked by empathy and tolerance. You need not nod your head when others speak, yet be willing to listen.
V for value: Deliver it. Daily. If you want to make more, be more. If you want to have more, be more valuable to others. Show your worth. Demonstrate your significance.
W for win: Expect to win. Prepare to win. Do whatever it takes, that's legal, ethical and moral to be victorious. Like it or not, we keep score. In many ways: Points. Dollars. Triumphs. Savor your success.
X for X-ray: Look inside, examine yourself. What motivates you? What brings you happiness? What do you want to accomplish? What will your legacy be? For as far as we know, this isn’t a dress rehearsal!
Y for you: Surround yourself with family, friends, peers, clients and customers. Folks who know you. Like you. Love you. Trust you. Yet know, it starts with you. You have to be the most important person in your life. Take great care of you. Only then, can you take great care of others.
Z for zeal: Always have your sights on the end. The anticipated result. The desired outcome. The destination achieved. Yet, then be grateful the end always kicks-off a new beginning. And for that, you better have the right attitude, because it’s one heck of a place to start!

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