Letters to the Editor, Marco Eagle, June 2

Marco Eagle

Sound of silence

Syndicated columnist Cal Thomas is a morally bankrupt person.

The percentage of the Arctic Ocean that is covered by sea ice has been diminishing for several decades. It does so in zigzags where it goes down a few years and then up not as far for a few years. The long-term trend is unmistakable.

Every time the uptick takes place, Thomas runs a column saying the sea ice is increasing and global warming is a fraud. Several years ago, I gave a brief summary of this before a mostly conservative discussion group including the chart from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and challenged what Thomas does.

I said, “What kind of man can say this?”

There was silence.

Lee Oldershaw, Marco Island

Not a Boehner fan

I am appalled that Republican John Boehner would have the audacity to call Trump’s presidency a disaster.

It is not Trump, it is Boehner and the wishy-washy brand of conservatism that he demonstrated as speaker of the house that is a disaster.

Despite the organized, crazed, malicious and depraved efforts of the party of Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton, President Trump continues to move forward to restore a sense of common decency and respect for law and order.

John Boehner as a part-time Marco Island resident gets a lot of local press, but he does nothing for the community other than make a few celebrity appearances for Caxambas Republican Club.

As a member of that club, I hope he gets no further invitations since he has no reluctance to join the raucous chorus of radical leftists like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters at a time when true moral conservatives need pull together and honor and support our president.

Phares Heindl, Marco Island

Join farmworker program

I have been a longtime Publix patron (12 years in Stuart and three years in Naples). I have shared my loyalty to Publix and have said we eat according to Publix. The items on sale each week were and have been followed closely and the friendly service is great.

Now I am pleading with Publix to participate in the Fair Food Program so the local farmworkers can be guaranteed available shade and water at their worksites.

I have some experience in picking pickles on

our family farm in Michigan. It was the most difficult summer for my three sisters and my mom as we thought the acres of pickles would give us extra money. We learned that a large cucumber was not accepted at the pickle factory and we must pick every day to make the money. It was that year that I decided I would never marry a farmer (and I didn’t).

My life story is not as important as my years of experience. I am 76 now with knowledge of the effects of heat in our state of Florida as well as the danger of sun rays.

How can you donate to the March of Dimes and not participate in the

Fair Food Program? The local workers are young and need support now. Their backaches and other illnesses will cost more to treat under our health care system if we continue the abuse at their worksites.

Farm work is hard, dangerous work.

Please call me (239-398-5577) if you want to know the other reasons I want this done soon. I would hate to give up shopping at Publix, but I will if I get nothing from Publix or the Naples Daily News.

Nikki Wykstra, East Naples

Stop Everglades damage

I recently watched a video of damage done in the Big Cypress National Preserve by a Texas company looking for oil obtainable by fracking.

Just for a little refresher, there is only one Florida Everglades. It once covered the south of the peninsula from Kissimmee down to the end of Florida. It services a huge watershed for millions of people.

It is part of one of the most diversified ecosystems in the world. It is the anchor for a billion-dollar-plus ecotourism industry.

We specifically set aside this land for preservation. You or I cannot just walk, drive or cut down cypress trees in this special preserve. But oil companies and their employees do not have to follow the same rules and regulations we do.

Our Native American brothers were made specific promises regarding this land. Runoff, agriculture, dredging,

airports and developments have greatly reduced it in size and health.

You can watch the video at https:// www.facebook.com/paddlersagainsttheflow/.

I ask people to tell your representatives to stop this.

John Paeno, CGT Kayaks