Letters to the Editor, Marco Eagle, June 16

Marco Eagle


Need a better solution

I would like to know who on City Council is responsible for putting Amadeo Petricca on the parking solutions committee.

It seems like a slap in the face to Marco Island voters who made their opinions known about Mr. Petricca when he came in dead last in his vote totals for re-election (out of a field of eight candidates).

Clearly his leadership in this community is no longer wanted and his opinions do not represent the will of the people. Why then, was he placed on an extremely important committee?

This just stinks of the same “good ol’ boy”, “promote your friend” politics. This is a person who wants to punish our local restaurants by taking away chairs as a “solution” for parking problems. He is rude and unhelpful during the meetings, whines about his personal pet peeves and constantly cuts off other committee members.

What’s even more shocking is that he was about to be put on another extremely important committee addressing our water/sewer options!

Thankfully, Vice Chairman Grifoni pointed out how inappropriate this was, and how diversity in our local leadership is important. Thus, Mr. Petricca’s appointment to this second committee was ultimately blocked.

In the future, can we please avoid putting failed past councilors on our city’s leadership and solutions committees? They lost handily for a reason.

I was also disappointed in the inflexibility the City Council displayed toward the Water-Sewer Options Committee when the committee requested to have some members occasionally participate via conference-call. These ad-hoc committees should be given consideration and flexibility, especially when there is a wealth of talented consultants and experts available to the city free of charge.

Adam Urban, Marco Island

This is progress?

I wonder what MeTV and other similar television stations are going to do when they’ve shown every old show a dozen times and people are sick of them?

It is said that youth is a wonderful thing that’s wasted on the young. Wisdom is also a wonderful thing that’s wasted on the old.

Sometimes I wonder who’s running America, the people in Washington or the people running the media.

There are so many existing and new ads about medications coming out on commercial TV today. Shouldn’t it be called instead Pharmaceutical TV?

New cars today cost a sizable fortune and are ridiculously expensive to get repaired. This is progress? The old simple air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle got great mileage and seemed to run forever without breaking down. And best of all it was affordable for almost all and thus a true “people’s car.”

That was progress.

Kenneth L. Carson, Naples

End gun violence

Wake up, people. Here in America more people have been killed by guns than have been killed in all U.S wars since Vietnam. Can you believe that?

And here in Florida, the “stand your ground” law has been “fixed” so that one doesn’t have to be attacked to use force: all you need is to be afraid. This law is about to be signed by Gov. Rick Scott. How irresponsible is that?

Have we lost our minds? We require a license to drive a car and we must register our cars if we want to own one. It is not an invasion of anyone’s Second Amendment rights to regulate guns to save innocent lives.

Let us come together to finally rid us of this scourge which has devastated our cities, destroyed families and ripped apart the fabric of our society.

Louise Orkin, Naples

Rooney ineffective representative

Congressman Francis Rooney has calmly faced his many disappointed constituents at town hall meetings.

However, Rooney continues to disappoint. His voters are a minority of his total constituents. He has shown no flexibility on issues in any of the town halls in our district. He seems stuck within the silo of fixed opinions of his base. This is not acceptable.

He does not recognize that the pro-life position is a subset of pro-choice. He states that he is against abortion, which is his right, but he is wrong to continue to state falsehoods about Planned Parenthood.

He has not indicated his position on any of the essential post-birth programs that child raising requires. President Donald Trump’s budget takes funding from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and school lunch programs. It does nothing to remedy the costs of child care. The president is against a living or a minimum wage. What is Rooney doing to advocate for the needs of the children that he wants women to bear?

Rooney believes that the Second Amendment must be interpreted in a concrete manner. Does he believe that the founders, whose views were influenced by the Enlightenment, would expect their descendants to never reassess the issue of guns for the mentally ill?

He continues to endorse the failed for-profit free market health care model. Why not consider a universal single-payer program? “No big government” is no excuse if the cost outcomes and results can be better.

An effective representative must meet with all constituents and consider reasonable proposals. He must talk to the majority of his constituents who did not vote for him.

Michael Finkel, M.D., Naples