Letters to the Editor, July 18

Marco Eagle

Disservice to the community

Editorial cartoon for The Banner's Wednesday, July 19, edition.

Would you call only one contractor to remodel your kitchen? Would you get only one price from one car dealership for a new car? Would you look at only one home and buy it? Of course you would not. So, why is the new City Council interviewing only one candidate for City Manager?

Could we have not found at least two people to interview in person from a national search? On July 18th, the new City Council is hosting a party for the citizens to meet the one and only City Manager candidate. This new Council is doing a disservice to the community and this one candidate, by hiring, him in this greatly flawed process!

Kenneth E. Honecker, Marco Island

Keep the light alive

A major media opponent of President Donald Trump not long ago adopted the somewhat sinister slogan, “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”

Death and darkness linked with democracy. Powerful words indeed. It was reported at the time that the slogan could ultimately become famous. It was allegedly contributed by Bob Woodward who, with Carl Bernstein, wrote “All the President’s Men,” the bestseller about Nixon’s downfall.

Looking at the serious issues having been raised, many still pending resolution for the current administration in its short existence, one could be tempted to rush to judgment in attempting one’s own interpretation of the slogan by reaching for the seemingly obvious but probably wrong conclusion.

Democracy dies when it loses its purpose. That’s when the lights go out. And if the Fourth Estate is supposed to be providing the light, the American people had better stock up on batteries. The purpose of a democracy is a government that serves the people through elected representatives who are charged with protecting their constituents’ interests instead of their own.

The purpose of the Fourth Estate is to present facts openly and evenly so that the people will be informed and not to present alleged facts or even falsehoods, in an editorial manner with a clear political bias. When elected representatives and the Fourth Estate act in this manner as, in my opinion, they are now doing, democracy will fast lose the light needed to keep it alive.

Walt Kozlowski, Naples

Media holding Trump accountable

Thank the Lord that the responsible media are holding President Donald Trump's feet to the fire. He is using his presidency to enrich himself. He is appealing to the worst instincts of white supremacy and exclusionism in our society. He publicly admires the most brutal dictators on the world stage.

He is cozying up to Russian President Vladimir Putin for reasons that only he knows. He is reversing some of the most hopeful movements toward clean energy and efforts to clean up our air and water. He is alienating our friends and allies around the world by abandoning commitments to trade and defense.

Worst of all, he has no moral compass that directs his decisions. He cynically laughs off any reversals of actions that displays his ignorance and lack of accountability for not acting in the public interest, including: undoing Cuban relations; reversing universal and affordable health care; defunding public support of the arts; denying scientific evidence of climate change and man's involvement in polluting the atmosphere; surrounding himself with sycophants who are afraid or unwilling to present contrary opinions; dismissing those who are committed to shedding light on secret relationships with Russia — our admitted adversary — who unrelentingly acts to undermine our government and our democratic institutions.

Either he doesn't get it or his "gotta win at any cost" mentality blinds him to the need to act collaboratively with others whose motivations are genuine and worthy of respect.

If he decides to dismiss Robert Mueller and his investigation of Russia's involvement in our elections and the relationships of Putin with Trump's advisors and inner circle, this president will fall into the "rabbit hole" of obstructionism that has led to impeachments and a resignation.

Robert P. Sanchez, Naples