Letters to the Editor, July 21

Marco Eagle

Open letter to city councilors

Editorial for The Banner's Saturday, July 22, edition.

If and when this Letter to the Editor, (LTE), is accepted and appears in our local community newspapers, City Council will have done one of two things, one of them commendable and the other, well, not so much. I refer to the process of selecting Marco’s next City Manager. Let’s examine the commendable action first:

1. City Council recognized that the selection process they had agreed to follow contained a flaw that, given past experience, should have been addressed and corrected, but wasn’t. Back in 2014, when Marco was searching for a new City Manager, there were two finalists standing for selection. When one of them suddenly withdrew from the race, Council hired the remaining candidate, Roger Hernstadt. It took about a year for the smell of a “fix” to slowly fade away from a distrusting community . A council, sensitive to community reaction, will have intelligently avoided repeating that mistake by simply amending the selection process to require no less than two candidates from which to select and hire. Kudos if this happened!

2. Conversely, if council decided to disregard the past and the expressed concerns of this community, they will have hired the sole remaining, unchallenged candidate to serve as Marco’s new City Manager, ignoring the troubling perceptions of Marco Islanders.

As I write this on Tuesday, (tomorrow is scheduled “selection” day), I copy and ask councilors to please understand that postponing the vote to hire tomorrow is an action against a flawed, defective process. It is NOT a vote against the single candidate. His candidacy remains, assuming competition isn’t a detractor.

Selection is defined as choosing a person or thing from a group. Despite the shrill rationales of a minority few, tomorrow you will not have a group to choose from…will you?

Russ Colombo, Marco Island

Public embarrassment

Last night’s special city council meeting whether to offer Marco’s city manager position to Josh Gruber was a public embarrassment perpetrated by Councilors Reed, Roman, Batte and Brown.

Councilor Reed voted no after giving a great impression of our recent FBI Director Comey. Reed spent about 30 minutes in a slide show telling us what a great guy Josh Gruber is based on his personal interview and his very positive impressions of Gruber’s solid character and values. Then he compared Gruber’s experience levels to his preferred unnamed candidate that his peers had previously refused to consider.

Councilor Roman provided no clear reasoning. At the Meet and Greet on July 18th she expressed concerned about the perceptions of a “flawed” process yielding only one candidate. However, at July 19th vote she went out of your way to make a point about being proud the council followed their well-defined process.

After public comment, Councilors Batte and Brown made no comments before voting no.

Marco’s negative internet image of this process and Wednesday night’s performance of these 4 city councilors accentuates the continuing dysfunction. Why would any quality candidate put themselves through the next round? It even appears the professional search firm has had enough of our city council antics and may very well choose to not return.

Most disheartening was the total disregard for ALL 15+ public speakers who spent the time and energy to provide their positive support for Josh Gruber while the opposition didn’t even show up.

These 4 councilors who voted no made a mockery of public comment, proving that our input doesn’t matter.

Keith Flaugh, Marco Island

Impeach Trump, Pence

The only way to save our Constitutional Republic is to impeach President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. They were fraudulently elected. The only constitutional way to nullify a compromised election is impeachment.

Lee Oldershaw, Marco Island

Trump will win re-election

It's sad and laughable to watch the Democrats and the media try to bring down our president. No matter how they try to twist things, there is no evidence that there was collusion with the Russians by President Donald Trump or his administration.

The latest flap is that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer who allegedly had damning info on Hillary Clinton. As it turns out, there was nothing to it and the meeting lasted all of 15 minutes.

If trying to get "dirt" on a political opponent is a crime, we better start building prisons to house all the elected officials in the country who do it every day.

It's about time the Democrats realize they lost fair and square and don't give me that Clinton won the popular vote. Without California and New York, she loses big time and its time to move on.

Since the Democrat Party has been taken over by the far left and Trump will be president until 2024 and followed by now Vice President Mike Pence until 2032, they have a long time to rid themselves of those obstructionists and maybe have a chance in 15 years.

Joseph N.Miranda, Naples