Letters to the Editor, August 1

Marco Eagle

Plenty of questions

In response to the letter headlined “Media holding Trump accountable”: The other side of that statement is “Who is holding the media accountable?”

How is Donald Trump using the presidency to enrich himself? Does any president ever need to confront the enemies of Democracy? It is wisely said to keep your friends close and keep your enemies closer. What is the USA’s cost in the Paris climate agreement? How does the USA benefit?

Editorial cartoon

We are a country that has a national debt of about $20 trillion. What can be done to reduce that debt? A blind eye won’t work; cutting the spending wisely will only help.

The universal Affordable Care Act was successfully working to dramatically increase health care costs to those who could afford it least.

There are myriad problems that need to be addressed soon. Many of the real problems that exist have to do with a Congress that has been ineffective in creating or being on budget.

With all the Investigations that have taken place, are the investigators solely looking at the president’s administration and are other players in the Russian Investigation getting a pass? We have seen what was done to Bernie Sanders in the Democratic National Committee. Could some of the same players be involved?

Wayne Waldack, Marco Island

Thankful for free press

We are so fortunate to have the outstanding press that we have in this country; without it, can you imagine what President Donald Trump would get away with? The great reporters from newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post and most of the TV networks and cable channels (other than Fox) do a marvelous job of keeping everyone in the White House and the Trump administration as honest as humanly possible.

Of course, that doesn’t stop Trump from telling every possible falsehood that he can to try to improve the results of a dismal six months as the accidental president. Thank goodness that the sharpeyed reporters of the press catch most of them and Trump adds to his long list of “Pinocchios.”

Robert E. Dimond, Naples

Dear advertisers

To all the merchants advertising their products on television: You must think we are stupid with an IQ of a pimple. You think just because you claim you are going to “pump me up” or you scream at me saying you are “huge” that will drive me to your showroom? It’s both annoying and insulting.

If you want my business, simply introduce your product, tell me why I need it and how you are better than your competitors. And regarding that free cruise or free flat-screen TV: You think for a minute we don’t know that, in an around about way, we are paying for it?

And now back to the political banter and President Donald Trump bashing that dominates the letters to the editor pages.

Joe Funigiello, Naples

Say no to tax hike

Government agencies in Collier County are very fortunate because they receive a steady and dependable flow of tax receipts from local business and citizens. Citizens and residents are also happy because the extra revenue generated gives local government the ability to provide us with services that are not available to less-affluent counties.

The difficulty arises when local governments take us for granted and decides to spend more than they receive. This is referred to as a budget deficit. To make up for this shortfall in tax receipts, governments usually use reserves, increase our taxes or — as a last resort — borrow money.

A good example of how government overspends is the revenue and expenses incurred by the North Collier fire district (NCFD).

In November 2014, the North Naples and Big Corkscrew Island fire districts merged to form the NCFD. Each year since the merger, the amount of revenue it received increased because the value of our property increased.

The NCFD board of fire commissioners noted that for the 2016-17 budget the fire district spent $2.7 million more than it received in tax revenues.

The commissioners list numerous reasons (excuses) for overspending, but it really doesn’t matter. For the 2017-18 budget, the board is proposing to increase our property tax rate to make up for the deficit.

Citizens and taxpayers have to live within a budget and we expect our local government to do the same.

Contact NCFD Chairman Norman Feder by Aug. 10 at nfeder@northcollierfire.com and tell him not to raise our taxes. Remember, the amount of taxes you pay has increased each year since the merger.

Richard Hoffman, CPA, Naples