Letters to the Editor, Oct. 3

Marco Eagle

Christmas Home Tour cancelled

I am relieved to hear that Marcoites are safe and that many have homes that are intact. Unfortunately, a large number of homes have suffered varying degrees of damage. Many Islanders, including the Marco Island Christmas Home Tour Committee, home tour homeowners and volunteers, have dealt with the cleanup and now are waiting for insurance agents and contractors to show up so we can repair the damage and move on with our lives.  This process will most likely take some time and patience for many of us.    

Sadly, numerous citizens have lost or sustained substantial damage to their homes on Goodland, Isles of Capri, Everglades City, Key West, and some on Marco Island. It is wonderful that there is a high level of Marco Island support from businesses and citizens to aid hurricane victims by means of donations and physical labor.  The focus is on helping others, on and off the island, as it should be.  

With this in mind, I feel it would be insensitive to move forward with the Dec, 1, Marco Island Christmas Home Tour.  It is difficult to feel comfortable inviting the public to stroll through beautifully decorated homes for the holidays after so many have lost theirs or are still in the process of expensive repairs. 

The Christmas Home Tour committee has held several productive organizational meetings since last winter. I am extremely grateful for their time and for their enthusiastic assistance. I am very sad, however, to cancel the 2017 Marco Island Christmas Home Tour, but in my heart, I think it is the appropriate thing to do.  
On a positive note, the Christmas Home Tour committee, home tour homeowners, and volunteers, are all on board and will be ready for the Christmas Home Tour next December.  We hope to see you all there in 2018.
Life goes on. God bless all hurricane victims and all who selflessly came to their aid.  

Linda J. Turner, chair, Marco Island Christmas Home Tour

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Editorial cartoon


We all love the zoo, but as a volunteer, I watched the team go into action to protect the animals starting on Wednesday before the hurricane. This group is a well-oiled machine and I think the public should stop and realize what goes into

making the zoo a fabulous experience for all.

I helped clean up the debris after the storm and I must say I have done a lot of volunteering in my time, but never have I seen a staff with lists for the day, people assigned to tasks, and not a minute lost. I think what impressed me the most was the teamwork that one observed in crisis mode, the scrubbing of exhibits to remove potential bacteria, the crates, etc.

The attitude from the top down was let’s get cleaned up so we can open as quickly as we can because the public is waiting.

I just think some attention needs to open the eyes of all who take things like the zoo for granted.

Mark Robinson, Marco Island

Thanks, governor

As the owner and on behalf of all the staff at NeNe’s Kitchen on Marco Island, I would like to thank Gov. Rick Scott and his team for coming to our island last week.

They took time out of their very busy schedules to evaluate the effects of Hurricane Irma on Marco Island.

It was truly an honor and privilege to serve them lunch and have them converse with our great patrons during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

Bob Natale, Marco Island

Collier County fails residents

It is unfortunate that in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, many Collier County residents feel areas outside of Naples are the forgotten residents. Mayor Bill Barnett’s updates were wonderful for the city. Who was addressing the issues faced in North Collier, East Naples, Golden Gate Estates, etc., the forgotten Naples?

I understand the beach and downtown areas attract tourism. The residents who provide manpower to these areas generally live in the areas mentioned above that had little to no information on services offered after the storm.

I am thankful for all who worked to restore power, the firefighters and other personnel who were hard at work and for their sacrifice. But Collier County, in my opinion, failed the majority of residents.

Two days after the storm, there was no information on ice, water, food: Just where were our officials?

Rachel Geer, Naples